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Solar eclipse

This morning, the whole Japan stopped for a few minutes to watch the Solar Eclipse. You know how in the movies, when there is an alien invasion or a deadly comet approaching the Earth, all people suddenly stop whatever they were doing and point at the sky? Well, it was exactly like that. Very creepy and beautiful.

This picture is a courtesy of the Japan times and Mark Thompson.

I watched it from my balcony for a few seconds. I didn’t have glasses and my husband was particularly against me looking at it without protection so instead, I turned to the TV. It was on all the 12 channels. ^-^

Courtesy of Marek Okon

Last eclipse took place 173 years ago in Japan so it was a very big deal to witness it. Some speculate that today at exactly 6PM the sky will turn red due to some sort of alignment with the Sun. I don’t know how accurate this prediction is, let’s see! ^-^

Courtesy of Takaaki Henmi

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