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Picnic at Yoyogi park

I wrote this post at the end of December last year but never got to publish it. I never get to finish things these days. Even when I have a little bit of free time I choose to sleep because I am so tired.. hehe Oh well, better late than never. ^-^

So, I get to stay at home a lot lately and it’s winter and it’s cold and it’s getting dark way too quickly. When I hear 5PM chime outside my window, I have this sad tightening feeling in my chest that another day has past and I haven’t done much.. Taking care of a newborn is tough because it turns your whole world upside down and requires a lot of getting used to. Not that I mind feeding and burping and changing diapers. I actually enjoy all that. But I miss terribly my other activities, especially going out and meeting my friends… I was going through some old pics today while the little one was sleeping and stumbled upon this picnic photos we took during Golden Week this year. I never got to publish them and now it’s kind of too late but I decided to do it anyway. It’s nice to look back at the beginning of my pregnancy and see how it was. That picnic day was actually when I told my girlfriends I was pregnant. We had such a nice time. It was funny how they immediately swooped the bags with food and drinks out of my hands and then didn’t allow me to carry anything heavy the entire day. ^-^

That’s my favorite picnic food from Tokyu food court in Shibuya. All these shops have been there since I moved to Japan. In Tokyo everything changes with the speed of light yet my favorite gyoza and croquette shops are still there after all these years. It just tells you how delicious the stuff is. People keep coming back for more keeping the business alive.

That day, Gow chan brought Buddy with her. He loves eating his snacks on someone’s lap. ^-^

Sakura in Japan blooms in April but this particular kind is late, blooming in the beginning of May. Shibuya has a lot of such trees. That’s another thing that I miss.. I moved to another ward this year after living in Shibuya for 10 years. Third of my life I have been living in this crazy Tokyo neighbourhood that never sleeps. I used to live in an apartment building that had Meiji street – the biggest longest street in Tokyo on one side and train track on the other side. City noise was constant and I got used to listening to the sound of traffic and train when falling asleep. Now, I hear the singing of birds in the morning. It is very nice but it is so different. Sometimes, I wake up because it is too silent. Crazy! ^-^