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It’s not a secret that I buy most of the stuff online. I haven’t been to a real store in ages especially now that I have a baby. But buying things online is not just about the convenience for me. It is also about the price. Living in Tokyo nothing comes cheap and me being addicted to retail is making it that much harder.. Believe it or not but there are many cases when buying something online from a US store at its original price and paying the international delivery fee and import tax is still so much cheaper than buying it in Japan at a clearance price. ^-^

Plus, when it comes to fashion, let’s just say I prefer foreign brands over local ones – style-wise and size-wise. If I want to buy shoes that actually fit me, I have no other choice but to shop online. In most cases, buying things on the Internet is relatively easy. Most of the US shops are now delivering to Japan and when they don’t, I can use logistics companies that offer re-direct services like Hopshopgo or many others. Yes, it is still cheaper to go through them than to shop in Japan. ^-^

However, more and more shops are beginning to Geo-discriminate customers. For example, or would allow you to shop filling your shopping basket with tons of clearance items only to let you know later at checkout that clearance prices are not available to the customers outside of the US. None of the discount codes would be working either.

For years, I have been shopping at until they opened their flagship store in Ginza and built a Japanese version of the website with a big price adjustment. Suddenly, a 50 dollar pair of jeans was costing 22000 yen (roughly 220 dollars). Every time I tried to access the US website, I was redirected to its Japanese version. Somebody advised me to use a proxy to fool the website’s geo-tracking device into believing I was in the US but I could never complete purchase this way, none of the forms would display correctly…

Until 2013, Japanese Abercrombie store did not offer any kind of sales. The merchandise was always at a full price even during summer and winter sales. So, when US was having a 70% off clearance sale, Japanese was still selling everything at a full Japanese price. This year, they offered clearance for the first time but as you can see below, there is nothing “clear” about it. ^-^



The funny thing is, when you buy something at a Japanese, the delivery would still cost you 40$ because they ship it from the US, not the local warehouse. So you end up paying 120$ for jeans that costs 80$ AND 40$ for the delivery making the regular abercrombie jeans cost the same as a designer’s pair – that’s a kind of math I really hate!

When a couple of months ago, my friend Lille moved to Shanghai, she started using a VPN service called Hotspot shield to access Facebook that was otherwise inaccessible from China. It gave me the idea to try using it for online shopping as well. I installed a free version and went shopping at just to check if it’s going to work and it did work! I could not only see the website with all its seasonal clearance deals but also buy discounted items and have them delivered to Japan!!! All I had to do was hide my IP address with VPN and boom – no more discrimination! The same can be done with that recently opened its store in Japan and closed the access to its US site with US prices.

VPN service is good not only for accessing restricted US-only websites but also to shop securely. I have never had any problem shopping online but for some people the fear of their credit card info being stolen is what’s keeping them from shopping online. I know a lot of Japanese who would rather buy something at a premium price at a real store than to get it online half off.. So, using VPN service can be good because it guarantees privacy by becoming a gateway between your computer and an online world. Instead of visiting websites directly, you are doing so via VPN anonymous server so the website is tracking their IP instead of yours! Neat!

It is also useful for watching movies and programs that are not available to the outsiders like a special John Stewart vs Bill O’Reilly debate on the Daily show or ABC TV series available to the US-only viewers. With my IP hidden, I can easily watch these videos for free instead of buying them on iTunes. ^-^ I can probably also become a member of Hulu and watch whatever at a real cheap monthly fee. Will try that later!

I wish I could also use VPN for shopping at or but they don’t discriminate based on IP, they discriminate based on a physical address agreeing to ship to Japan but not allowing to purchase things at clearance prices.. Which is ridiculous because knowing that the overalls for my baby costs 5$ in the US I will never buy them for 3000yen here in Japan so in the end, they are just losing me as a customer. Their loss!!!

Sunny obsessions!

I remember arguing 12 years ago with my boyfriend about my mobile phone. I had a perfectly functional mobile phone that I got for free at a Softbank (back then J-phone) shop in exchange for a contract. He kept telling me that it was old and uncool and that I ought to change it to a newer model… I couldn’t understand it back then.. A newer model? Why? When this one is working just fine!

I had the same thinking about a lot of things. For example, why would a person need more than one umbrella or more than one pair of sunglasses? And for a long time, I did indeed have only one pair of sunglasses and only one umbrella that I kept repairing again and again after each typhoon season. I still have it – my good old Vivienne Westwood stick umbrella. Love it!

Anyway, two years ago, I got beautiful Chanel shades from my friend Laura who explained to me that just like shoes and bags, sunglasses can express mood and match outfits. Her carefully coordinated looks really inspired me. Ever since then, I have been open to the crazy idea of having more than one pair of sunglasses and this year I finally got over myself and bought another one – my very first Wayfarer Ray-Ban!

My father always told me to buy shoes from a shoe maker and makeup from a cosmetics company. I ignored his advice a lot by buying all sorts of things from fashion clothing labels. I remember buying a fashion ring from Dior. The paint peeled the next day and it wasn’t even a fake.. I was also first in line when 5 or so years ago Armani opened it’s makeup stand in Shinjuku Isetan. Now I get it. If you want to walk in your shoes and not feel excruciating pain, you ought to go for Frye instead of Zara and if you want sunglasses that won’t give you headaches, you ought to buy them from a maker that knows a thing or two about making them. So, I decided to buy my next pair from Ray-ban and see what all the fuss was about.

It’s a little gamble to buy sunglasses or any glasses for that matter online because you can’t try them on but a real joy when you take the risk and it pays off! I usually do a dorky thing of taking my own picture and then collaging the cutouts of glasses on top of it in Photoshop. That’s how I was spot on with my Marc Jacobs sunglasses and my 9999 prescription glasses – both used and abused for sooo many years! This time, I didn’t have to do it because the website that sold them had this super innovative 3D simulation that allowed me to try the glasses on. The software would program the glasses to go on top of my face and then adjust its position whenever I move my head! It’s a lot of fun, you should try it at!


Anyway, I really love my Ray-Bans not only because this particular model has been seen on many celebrities (my insecure self loves this fact!) but also because I got them 50% off! Yup, that’s right, me and my ways. But no really, I was just lucky to stumble upon this website. They don’t have just any brand you can imagine and they also don’t carry the latest models but the assortment is huge nonetheless and it’s a great place to find original sunglasses and the models that are sold out everywhere else at a discount price. I actually have my eye on another Ray-Ban pair at the moment – would love to have a cat-eye shape too especially because it is in this season.

The only thing I don’t like about my Ray-Bans is that I can’t peel the little label at the right corner off. It is embedded in the glass.. The wayfarer shape is so iconic, they don’t need to put any labels on top of it to identify them as Ray-Bans.. It’s stupid! I want that label off!

In the end, a decade in Japan made a monster out of me. Now, I am into all things new hoarding and hoarding all the while I need to be simplifying my life now that I have a baby instead of making it more cluttered and complicated. Will sunglasses join the circle of my obsessions? Who knows! But at least now I won’t be known as “that girl wearing the same old scratched-all over, faded Marc Jacobs shades”.. Now, I am the girl wearing the same old scratched-all over, faded Marc Jacobs shades who also has Ray-Bans! ^-^