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BAM! – Gow’s birthday live at Lega

It became a tradition for Gow to do a live performance on her birthday. Last year, it was incredibly good but this year it was even better. At some point while watching her, I thought to myself – who is this girl? She can easily give Beyonce run for her money. Not only it was a full 2 hour live performance, it was accompanied with a specially made movie that connected each song into a story and it had a bunch of different dancers – Latin, Indian, hip hop and even pole dancers!! There were other musicians too like Girls’ talk and a team of beat boxers. I really enjoyed watching that whole musical extravaganza  – it was nothing like I have ever seen before from her. Every year she is doing something fresh, challenging new things and with such force!! She really did a great job!

I especially liked the mash-up of traditional Japanese enka song with Chicago’s “All that jazz”.

BAM live at Lega

BAM live at Lega

BAM live at Lega

BAM live at Lega

BAM live at Lega

When Kaz was beatboxing, girls were giving out Tequilla to the crowd. When will I drink again? I haven’t had alcohol for almost two years now..

BAM live at Lega

The final performance was very powerful. All the dancers came onto the stage and danced with Gow. I can’t imagine how long it took for her to organize everything. I can never do that..

BAM live at Lega

BAM finale

After the live, I had a little bit of time to mingle with my old friends whom I only meet at such big events nowadays.  Gow, Diana and me used to do Sma-station together for four and a half years and it was almost a decade ago.. Time flies mindblowingly fast..

Diana and me after the live

After the live

Shelly was there too. I became obsessed with her show “Zipangu”. It is really interesting and I learn a lot from it.

Shelly's entourage

Now, I am organizing my own birthday party and I can’t even get 10 people to come… Sounds sad but the truth is with everyone working at their own schedules, it is really hard to find a day when EVERYONE can make it.. I really have no idea how Gow managed to do just that!

Gow and me

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  1. Gow is number 1!

    September 29, 2013

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