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Tokyo Fashion Night Out 2013

This year, Tokyo’s FNO event was somewhat quiet. In the light of New York FNO being put on hiatus, Tokyo’s was still big and exciting but also a little less glamorous. Plus, most of the people I wished to meet were out of town for NY fashion week.
As last year, I could start the evening only around 7PM so instead of checking all the stores between Omotesando and Harajuku like I usually do, I stayed in only one area, south of Prada store.

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Trendig now

Today, I went to a preview of IKEA’s new limited edition collection “TRENDIG” that was created in collaboration between Swedish and Chinese craftsmen. IKEA’s product developers, engineers and designers got together and went on a two week trip to China looking for inspirations, hunting for various innovative ideas for designs and functionality and finally coming up with the perfect collection that is a blend of rich Chinese culture and pristine simplicity of Scandinavian aesthetic.

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Maybelline Fashion Week opening party

Yesterday, Sergey and I went to Maybelline Fashion Week kickoff party at Ba-tsu art gallery. It’s been a while since I was at a fashion scene but it felt like I never left. I was so happy to meet a lot of familiar faces including my favorite bloggers Misha Janette and Mai. ^-^


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Affordable art

Last week, I went to a newly opened Ultra Super New x Subject Matter popup art gallery & concept store in Harajuku that showed its very first exhibition called “Four legs good, two legs bad” featuring animals by artists from all over the world. I really loved that the concept was presented not only in the art pieces but also in the spacious airy layout, natural light and even sound. The sounds of wild animals were playing in the background which immediately sharpened my sensibility and put me in the right mood to perceive the displayed art.


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Advocates of good sleep

This week My friend Mai invited me to IKEA press release event. They have started a nationwide campaign advocating good sleep and promoting soothing solutions for neglected Japanese bedrooms. I was particularly interested to check it out because I am in the market for a new mattress. Ever since I started co-sleeping with my baby.. well, let’s just say my mattress is not what it used to be. ^-^

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Journeys in Japan – Nasu, Tochigi

This was my first trip after giving birth to my son. In May, we took him to a hotspring in Nasu, Tochigi prefecture.

Before arriving at a ryokan, we stopped at Ashino stone museum – the Stone plaza that was constructed from an old warehouse by a famous contemporary designer Kuma Kengo. Japan is very unique in this way: in the middle of an utterly rural area with nothing but rice fields and muddy roads there is a true gem, astonishing piece of art that should belong in a big city. I was really impressed with the museum’s architecture and curated collection of light and shadow.

Cider by the window

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