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Trendig now

Today, I went to a preview of IKEA’s new limited edition collection “TRENDIG” that was created in collaboration between Swedish and Chinese craftsmen. IKEA’s product developers, engineers and designers got together and went on a two week trip to China looking for inspirations, hunting for various innovative ideas for designs and functionality and finally coming up with the perfect collection that is a blend of rich Chinese culture and pristine simplicity of Scandinavian aesthetic.



I was surprised to learn that a lot of traditional Japanese patterns and motives actually have Chinese roots like bold geometrical patterns that are often present on kimonos, goldfish, crickets and beckoning cats. There is a smart choice of colors as well. Traditional Chinese lucky colors red and green are mixed with pastel pink, yellow and mint. Whoever came up with this palette is a true genius.

Although IKEA stays true to its natural light-colored wood, they also experiment with sustainable bamboo and rice paper – traditional Chinese materials.


The tableware has amazing design. IKEA plates and cups are a bit on a heavier side to my liking but still of a superb quality especially for the given price.








White dining table set as well as these super cool red chairs were surprisingly light and very comfortable.



I fell in love with these low stools. They are very functional and can be used as foot stands or garden benches, as either table or chair for little people or as a base for flowers, lamps, books etc. I got one for my hallway. ^-^



I also love this side table. It looks like a traditional Chinese cart and its wheels are totally functional.


I received a cute canvas bag with this goldfish pattern as a part of press gift package. Feel so lucky to get the best print!


The rotating wooden tray for a big family table is a must and I cannot believe it is still not widely adopted from Chinese culture. How easy it is to share food when you can easily rotate it on a table? Finally it is being introduced to the international mass-market and I think it is going to be a big hit.



All in all, there are about 30 pieces in this collection and they are going to be on sale starting from 25th of October. Since it is a limited collection, once the items are sold out, they are gone so mark your calendar if you want some of it! ^-^

Before rushing back to the office, I enjoyed a lovely lunch buffet at IKEA’s showroom and yes, I snatched one of the Swedish flags into my pocket. ^-^



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