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Electrifying discoveries

Last week, I went to Ultra Super New x Subject Matter pop up gallery again to check their latest exhibition called “Strangelands”. It showed amazing intimate photography, jewelry and accessories by Australian artisans Lyn and Tony. The photographs were inspired by the rich elements of nature that are often overlooked or taken for granted.


I was mesmerized by the beautiful one of a kind pieces, each crafted by the duo individually. Most accessories were made from the intricately hand-braided kangaroo leather. I have heard from many of my Australian friends that overpopulation of kangaroo is creating a lot of economical and environmental problems for the country. So there is a kangaroo cull happening each year across the country in order to protect Australian outback environment from being overused. The designers are only using the leather that comes as a by-product of this sad but necessary act of sustainability.

Tony&Lyn bracelets

Tony&Lyn necklace



Other pieces were made from high grade Agate store that was then colored and facet cut.

Tony&Lyn necklace

Tony&Lyn necklace

Tony&Lyn necklace


There were a lot of unique necklaces and the ones that came in small limited edition lots of 2-5 or 10-20. Once they are sold out, there are unavailable anywhere to anyone else. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to own such piece so I got myself a stone pedant that has been painted with white gold.

Tony, Lyn and I

Stone ring

Tony&Lyn bag

Tribal mask

I really feel at home in this gallery thanks to the super friendly and down to earth beautiful girls working there.

Thank you so much for the invitation and the wonderful time!

Speech by Liezel

Aga and me

The exhibition is going to last till 22nd of November so if you are in the market for one of a kind jewelry piece that comes with a unique story or just want to be inspired, don’t hesitate to pop by!

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