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Comptoir des cotonniers spring/summer 2014 collection preview

Yesterday, I went to the Comptoir des cotonniers show room to see the preview of spring/summer 2014 collection. I was blown away by the versatility of designs. I could easily pick up a couple of pieces and wear them in various combinations all summer which I will end up doing for sure. I was really impressed with the smart mix of airy bohemian textiles (silk, georgette, lace) and playful rock’n’roll details (zippers, chains, fringe and leather).

The model was wearing one of my favorite looks – purple camouflage top and pants in airy silk adorned with black zippers on shoulders and hip pockets. I loved the booties too and you can see a lot of them in the new collection.


Now, this dress is already mine. I don’t know what it will take me to get it but it’s mine. I want it so badly. I will have to wait for a month or so though till it becomes available.. I will be first in line for sure. ^-^ I love the cornflower purple, I love easy, loose fit and of course I love the hardware details. It’s so me, it hurts. ^-^


The prints are very important for the brand and as always they have a lot to offer in the upcoming season. I am so happy that my favorite colors are there in plenty.



Every summer piece was light as a feather, even this dress that looks like denim. This particular look had a huge success on Paris runway.


Perforated leather is the genius creation that actually allows you to wear leather in summer. It is breathable and light and a total must for every urban girl. I am a big fan and I was so happy to see it in the collection.


You can see brand’s mascot Leon with a new bohemian look on tops. There was a refreshing mix of textures in monotone color-blocking pieces that can easily be dressed up or down.


There were a lot of tweed skirts, pants and jackets that compliment figure so beautifully. I love pockets. They give a playful look to any outfit. These skirts are very dressy but can also look casual and chic thanks to the pockets. They are “maj” as Rachel Zoe would say (and yes, I can’t believe I am quoting her either).


I couldn’t help but try on this gorgeous leather vest. I know I won’t be able to afford it so I had to use my one chance to get the feel of it. It was incredible. It blended with my outfit perfectly and it was sooo comfortable. I literally can write an ode to every single one of these pieces. I am so in love.



There were two major themes presented in the collection. One is the effervescent bohemian one and the other is more geometrical with lots of fine lines and monotone colors. But even these serious tailored pieces had a lot of playful details like this amazing collarless jacket with chains on shoulders.



The military style is also still in of course. There were a couple of really cool coats and parkas in light spring colors.


I was presented the collection by the wonderful PR team who were so friendly and easy-going that I spent most of my time talking to them instead of taking photos. I don’t get to show you everything they have and they have a lot more – nautica sweaters, inkat prints, lingerie-inspired lacy tops etc but the new collection’s first looks are going to hit the stores in the middle of December and the rest of the pieces will arrive right after the winter sale so you get to see everything very soon. Oh, and I am so excited about the winter sale as well. There are so many things that I want to buy from the present collection. ^-^


I also got to see the new Princesse Tam Tam collection. I discovered their shop last year at Printemps Ginza department store. I was pregnant then so I remember feeling really jealous looking at the beautiful lingerie and lounge wear. It’s not that easy to buy underwear in Japan. The bra tend to come with really thick padding and the lingerie is generally very over-designed with one too many bows and ribbons and lacy ruffles. So, I usually buy lingerie online at American stores that is simple and practical. With Princesse Tam Tam, you get to have both – pretty designs and practicality. All the bra have comfortable fit all the while being sexy and beautiful.


I particularly liked the purple tiger print. It is intriguing and eye-catching but the straps are thin and black which is so important if you don’t want your lingerie messing up your outfit.



This black set was my favorite. So sexy and at the same time so wearable and comfy.


The swimwear was too bright for my liking but the quality really spoke for itself. It was absolutely impeccable. I wish I could wear terracotta pink bikini but my skin tone is too pale for it.. Plus, I am just not sure that after pregnancy my body will ever be season-ready again. ^-^


Thank you miss Yoshiko for inviting me to see the collection and the wonderful Eri and Nicolas for inspiring me and giving me a lot to look forward to. ^-^

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  1. I adore! You are amazing. With some photos and your comments, we can have a global view very right on the next collection Comptoir des Cotonniers . Congratulations and see you soon in Tokyo or welcome in Paris! Kiss from paris, Nicolas B.

    December 3, 2013
  2. Sara #

    Really nice job! I have enjoy it a lot! Thanks for your photos and I like your comments very much, they are refreshing and funny.
    Don’t chance! You are good!

    January 13, 2014

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