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H&M spring/summer 2014 preview

Social media is amazing. One day, I am instagraming in the middle of the night while nursing my son, the next day I am offered to see the preview of H&M spring/summer 2014 collection at Shibuya’s H&M Flagship store. This is the H&M PR representative Saki who was kind enough to invite me and show me around.


The upcoming collection goes hand in hand with the biggest trend of the season the “Bohemian glamour of the 30s” where delicate and romantic designs meet mannish silhouettes and modern fabrics like metallic leather, suede and coated denim.

There is a lot of lace and ruffles as well giving a feminine feel to the tough urban girl. The prints draw inspiration from mysticism of fortune telling. The moon and star shapes as well as decorative elements of tarot cards give away the feeling of an exotic and intriguing Arabian summer night. I was hooked right away.




Everyone knows I am a maxi girl. With all my complexes about my fair complexion, in summer I choose to cover myself with long skirts. 60% of my summer wardrobe are maxi dresses. They make me feel secure but also comfortable as they are airy and light enough to prove fitted for the hot Japanese summer. So, when I saw this dress I was sold. Hello? It is dark blue, it covers shoulders, it ties at the waist and it is so airy I would feel like a princess walking in it. Imagine warm evening breeze going through the skirt ruffles? Oh summer, I want you back!



Fringe coat and denim jacket with carp lace on its back are huge statement pieces from the spring collection. They have so much character, you can wear nothing but basics underneath. Did I mention they are both under 100$? Yeah..


The bomber jacket, the bleached denim washes and cropped tops are all major pieces from the 80s trend. My parents were wearing these styles and now it came full circle. I am not a big fan of the 80s but I totally adore how Tokyo girls rock this style. Somehow, everything looks so good on them. I genuinely think that Japanese are the best stylists.




The pale pink circle skirt was amazing. I really loved the pressed crepe it is made of and the sexy length. I know it won’t look good on me because of my fat ankles (yeah, blue-skinned legs and fat ankles – aren’t I the luckiest girl!!) but it will be absolutely incredible on any other girl, I swear. It shows the thinnest and the most beautiful part of the leg while swaying crazy sexy when in motion.


The new collection has some organic pieces as well coming under Conscious label. This is so up my alley, all my summer t-shirts are going to be from H&M. Plus, I want to try the cropped silhouette again. I have so many Zadig et Voltaire belts that are never visible under my super long tops. I am happy to have an opportunity to utilize them with the new trend.


Men’s collection was impressive as well. First of all, they had me at color palette. Then, I also liked the relaxed feel of the oversized chunk knits and tailored tops. There is a lot of sportswear this season and I was told that those pieces were the most popular ones among the dudes. Athletic prep is back in style but it definitely became more sophisticated and tailored. The high school jocks smartened up! ^-^





H&M collaborated with David Beckham again this season creating easy to wear athletic wear that is so popular, it is usually sold out within a day.



The line has kids’ wear as well. I can’t wait for my son to grow into toddlers’ sizes. He is still too small for these cute tops and pants.


The Go Gold project is a collaboration between H&M and Swedish Olympic team. H&M is the official designer of the outfits for the Swedish athletes for Sochi 2014 Olympics. The sneakers with basket-weave detail are so beautiful and very very light.




These designs will start coming to the stores in the middle of January right after the winter sales. I already have so much to look forward to in the New Year. ^-^ Thank you Saki for inviting me to the press preview.

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