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Monki spring/summer 2014 preview

On the day I went to see H&M collection, I also got a chance to preview Monki’s spring/summer 2014 looks. Monki is a Swedish brand that is as fun and free-spirited as it is responsible towards the environment, animals and society in general. I only recently got acquainted with the brand but it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine especially now that I found myself fascinated with prints for the first time ever in my life. It all started with me shopping for Danny’s clothes. I discovered great Scandinavian brands like Mini Rodini, Moi and Bobo Choses. All of them are using beautiful bold prints for their collections and it made me realize that it looks great not only on children but on adults as well. A simple t-shirt but with a great original print can style up even the most boring outfit (and I have a lot of those). And although I will probably never wear exaggerated prints like the ones you can see from Joyrich, I can totally see myself in Monki’s colorful shirts and sweaters.

The spring/summer collection’s theme is called Future exotica and it has a lot of jewel colors.





I really liked the zebra print and found my absolute must in the new collection – this gorgeous zebra print canvas backpack. It is very light and super stylish. Now, that the backpacks are back I am super excited to get it for this coming summer. I used to wear nothing but backpacks when I was in school. I was a proud owner of several really cool ones I bought while studying in London. Even when I first came to Japan, my first major purchase was a backpack from Diesel. I am so happy to get back to the comfort of wearing one.



The tropical bugs can be seen throughout the collection. Their gradient colors in metallic shades give a real futuristic feel to a lot of pieces.



I am in love with Monki plush toys. My mom is here in Japan now and she often comments on how odd it is for Japanese to offer weird-looking toys and animations to their children. I tell her that the beauty has no standards and that what seems ugly for one may be unique and different for another and that we ought to teach our children that everything can be beautiful and that inner beauty is more important than outer one. I want my son to play with all kinds of toys that will develop his imagination and creativity. You may not always tell what the toy is but if it comes this cute and hugsy, who cares! ^-^




Thank you so much Tabasa for showing me the collection. I can’t wait to see how it is going to do in Japan. It fits Japanese POP culture like a glove. ^-^


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  1. Cool! I didn’t know you could get Monki in Tokyo, but I’m not surprised as most brands seem to be represented in this amazing city:)

    January 2, 2014

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