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Natura Siberica in Tokyo


Two days ago, I discovered Natura Siberica in the heart of Aoyama. It is a Russian brand that sells organic cosmetics made from wild plants harvested in Siberia. The first shop was opened in Russia in 2007 but I never knew about it since I have already been living in Tokyo at that time. However, when I posted the photo of their Aoyama shop on Instagram, many of my Russian friends replied saying that the brand is extremely popular and that they really love their products.


I am very happy to see that Russian businesses are making it in the world. From the design of the store to the package of the products, everything spoke high quality to me. I bought some creams and facial masks to try and also got a bunch of different samples. I can already tell that this brand is going to be my favorite. The moisturizing cream that I got is not oily, gets immediately absorbed by the skin and I only need very little to cover face and neck. It also smells nice but the smell doesn’t linger and it is not as intense as for example Body shop or L’occitane. I really can’t stand the overwhelming smell of their products and neither can my husband. If it was up to him, everything would be odorless or smell like lemongrass. He was pleasantly surprised by the subtle scent of Natura Siberica cream. He even said he wants to try it himself. That is the best compliment coming from him.^-^


All of the products have active ingredients with extraordinary antioxidant properties because they were synthesized from plants that had to survive the extreme Siberian climate. The plants were harvested at a specific age and time to enhance their healing properties. I also got a great two-phase lifting bio-complex that has a unique formula of preserving all the active ingredients. I myself get to mix two solutions into one and then use it right after the synthesizing process takes place. I think it’s genius and can’t wait to start the two weeks treatment.


My Russian friend recommended me to also try their Hippophae products but I couldn’t find them in the store.. Are they not available yet in Japan? Will have to wait and see.
As Natura Siberica presence in Japan is just starting to take place, they haven’t build a website or a Facebook page yet. However, I spoke with the friendly staff at the store and they have assured me that everything is under its way and soon, the product will also be available online. I hope their Japanese website will be better than Russian as let’s just say it looks a bit outdated..
I would very much love to support the brand here in Japan and spread the word because really the cosmetics is great, the price is more than affordable and above all it is Russian. I am just so very proud. ^-^

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