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Maybelline A/W 2014-2015 Fashion Week Tokyo opening party

Yesterday, amazing blogger and my “mama-tomo” friend Mai invited me to the Maybelline NY opening party for the A/W 2014-2015 Maybelline x Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. This is my second time to attend this party and I can honestly say that it is one of the best ones in town. Not only it is a great opportunity to catch up with influential Tokyoites in fashion but to also unwind in a stylish way to the tunes of popular DJs, try new products (and get some!!) and of course find yourself in the midst of it all with the most trending hashtags of the moment.

This time, the event was even bigger, taking place at the Galleria Midtown in Roppongi – the very heart of Tokyo Fashion Week.



The catering was right on spot with the easy to eat one-bites like these super delicious macaroons. I tried one of each and then some! ^-^

And the drink “de jour” was sparkling sake!!! I have never tried anything like it! It tasted like a typical Japanese sake but it was bubbly and was served in champagne flutes. ^-^ I couldn’t help but take a picture! ^-^

I came to the party with fabulous Eri who ended up bumping into a lot of her friends there.



I also met some familiar faces and was lucky enough to get acquainted with Matsu-you – famous Japanese fashion blogger. She was super friendly and patient with my malfunctioning camera.. :/



As for the entertainment, there was plenty.. From hair and makeup and nail art booths to the photo booths, to the makeup presentation by renowned Japanese makeup artist Mizu and “tsukaihodai” makeup stands and vending machine.







Mizu’s muse this time was Caroline D’Amore – a successful model turned DJ who came to Tokyo to play at various venues during the Fashion Week. She is known for her over the top energetic performance and she did not disappoint!! Even the most shy Tokyo fashionistas ended up dancing around her DJ booth where I also spotted Marie – Japanese model and TV personality.




I became a big fan of Maybelline mascara at the last party. I used to use Helen Rubinstein one for ages till I got Maybelline Rocket Volum in a gift bag. I got hooked right away. I was so behind on the evolution of mascara. Now, there is a film one that stays on the eyelashes even when you cry but can be easily removed with hot water?? Whaaaat?? Maybelline mascara is amazing. After finishing the Rocket Volum, I tried Magnum and a couple of others and came to the conclusion that it is no different in quality when compared to Helen Rubinstein and definitely tops it with the durability and price. I am not going back. ^-^

Maybelline also presented their new product from Color Show line and this amazing Lip polish lipstick. Unfortunately, I am one of those girls who just can’t make red lips work without looking old and trashy so I won’t be using it.. But The nail polish has some great colors and I am also intrigued by the Baby skin instant bright transformer. I was looking for a good primer that would also serve as SPF veil and after splurging on MAC bright essence for a long time, I am ready to try something new. It was so awesome to receive all this product for free in the gift bag. I feel so blessed to have wonderful friends and fortunate opportunities. I love living in Tokyo and bearing witness to its “carpe diem” lifestyle and never-ending energy.

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