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Major/Minor-Nur Zahra runway show at Tokyo Fashion Week AW 2014

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to my first ever Fashion week runway show (thanks to my fashion fairy Mai chan). I have been to runway shows in the past and even participated in some but never during the fashion week. The city vibe during fashion week is electrifying, beckoning you to be a part of it but most of the shows are by invitation only because fashion week in Tokyo foremost is all about business..


I got to meet some of Tokyo’s most notorious fashion bloggers as well as beautiful Caroline D’Amore – an eminent DJ and model who gave a great start to Fashion week with her energizing performance at Maybelline FWT pre-opening party. Here, she is wearing some of my favorite pieces from H&M spring/summer 2014 collection including a denim jacket with amazing embroidery on the back and this gorgeous full circle skirt.


I was blown away by the unique style of these amazing girls. Here, Yuri Nakagawa – an official S Cawaii blogger is wearing earrings with babies and dinosaurs!!!! These were designed by a fellow blogger Mayu who created a limited edition accessory line for Cuvee. Social media is amazing. It really allows you to channel your creativity through and find the opportunities you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. ^-^



The show we were watching was featuring two teams of Indonesian designers under the labels “Major/minor” and “Nur Zahra”.

The first one “Major/minor” collection featured a lot of geometrical silhouettes and urban prints. It was inspired by the works of french artist Phillippe Cognee.





The second one called “Layers of fidelity” was something completely revolutionary to me. A very talented designer Windri Widiesta Dhari came up with this out of the box collection trying to modernize a Moslem woman without uncovering her. It is so close to my heart as I prefer a more modest approach to fashion because let’s be honest I am not of the sexy type and will never feel confident when uncovered.. I really love relaxed silhouettes and maxi lengths. There are so many pieces that I am ready to buy right here, right now.

The designer is using Japanese tie-dye coloring technique called Shibori in combination with Indonesian traditional batik process. A lot of prints are featuring gorgeous geometrical patterns of Islamic art. The result is very sophisticated and so on trend.

The brand is committed to the environment, using only organically produced airy cotton-voile and pigments derived from plants. The high craftsmanship that is required to make each garment is not only empowering local communities but also adding exclusivity to all the products with its scrupulous production process. Only limited quantities are available.


Blue is my favorite color and the infinite options Shibori technique has to offer are really thrilling me. I am also eager to try loose fitting print pants this summer and Nur Zahra ones are definitely appealing to me. ^-^





Can’t wait to see more! Sitting in a front row at a runway show is really addictive. ^-^

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