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YSL Gloss Volupte launch party at the Hills cafe, Roppongi

Last week, my friend Eri invited me to an event in Roppongi hills. It was a YSL launch party for their new product Gloss Volupte that is going to be available nationwide from tomorrow, april 1st. The place was packed and I am not surprised. Cosmetics companies throw the best parties in town – everyone knows it. The entry was strictly invitations only and to be honest I think they overdid a bit with the security. Too many guys in black suits were standing in and outside restlessly looking for party crushers. Thankfully, Eri knew the YSL PR manager – a very cheerful and super friendly Kozue san who got us in. :)





At the party, I met a lot of new people including models, makeup artists, social media personalities and photographers. All of them were amazingly nice and friendly. Fashion world can sometimes be a bit cruel and indifferent (talking about infamous Tokyo cliques here) but there are some genuinely kind people out there as well.


I was especially impressed with Sayo Akasaka – a very cheerful and charismatic model and Maxine Van-Cliffe Arakawa – famous stylist and Tokyo icon, also mother of Elli-Rose. She is taking her fashion blog to the next level now and I sense it’s going to be big.



Elli-Rose was a guest DJ at the party.


I also met Mademoiselle Yulia who is going to be face of a new H&M campaign according to WWD and Misha, looking as usual very unusual. ^-^ I can spot her in a crowd right away. When we were taking picture together, she told me to put my glass down because “fashion people always drink champagne but are never seen with one”.


(I was wearing my new super cute necklace from “A weathered penny” online shop I discovered on instagram. ^-^)




And I bumped into Harry – J-wave DJ and TV personality. I meet him only at Shelly’s birthday parties and occasional live performances but he is always super nice and talks to me like we are old friends. ^-^


There was also Jonte at the party. I can never tell where he is based at. I want to think Tokyo but then he is a semi-regular on ANTM cycles in LA so I am not so sure.. We have met several times before but of course he didn’t remember me when I asked him for a picture. ^-^ Next to him is a party girl and plus size model Jun Nakayama.


There were performances by a Japanese singer (unfortunately I couldn’t catch her name) and burlesque poll dancers who were not only dancing but also entertaining guests in between numbers. The girl was amaaaaazing!








Then, Adrian joined the party and started sketching right away. He is so dedicated to his craft, it’s really inspiring. Adrian is a professional illustrator and sketch artist. He can easily draw my portrait in under 5 minutes! After the party, we went to Starbucks where he taught me some of his techniques. It’s all about looking at an object from an abstract point of view focusing on light and shadows and then sort of connecting the dots.



There were a lot of cute teenage models at the party. They were ready to strike a pose for any camera pointed at them^-^








Eri also introduced me to Miki Uehara who has her own fashion channel on youtube


and Kosei – a stylist who often works with Leslie Kee – a famous fashion photographer. He did portraits of Mai, Misha and lots of other influential Tokyoites.




At the end of the party, we got our gift bags with a lipstick and a gloss from the new line!! That stuff isn’t cheap so I was very humbled to receive it. Thank you Eri, Kozue san and YSL Beauty Japan for inviting me and showing me the good time. ^-^ This tired mommy surely needs a break once in a while. 😉


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