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H&M Conscious launch event at Batsu art gallery in Harajuku

Yesterday, by some miracle my husband was home earlier to babysit (or rather watch TV while our son was soundly asleep) so I could sneak out for a couple of hours to go see the launch of H&M Conscious 2014 collection. It is going to be available from tomorrow, April 10th but if you have your eye on something, you better hurry because all the exclusive items are limited. Once they are gone, they are gone.



As I wrote in my previous article, everything in the collection is made with environmentally friendly materials like mulberry tree silk and organic cotton and leather.  H&M is aiming for a high goal of turning all their production into a sustainable one and each year they have more and more to show for themselves.





This is the dress that Jennifer Lopez was wearing for the American idol episode a week ago. I am glad that celebrities are endorsing clothes with good cause. She looked absolutely fabulous in it.


white dress




The event was also celebrating a 1 year anniversary of H&M global recycling initiative called Garment collecting. The customers are encouraged to bring their old unwanted clothes of any brand and in any condition to H&M stores. The collected items are then being re-sold as secondhand garments with all the proceeds going to the development of recycling processes, reused as other products or recycled for other purposes such as insulation for automotive industry.

“Every year tonnes of textiles are thrown out and end up in landfill. As much as 95% of these clothes could be used again; re-worn, reused or recycled – depending on the state of the garment. “

I think that this is brilliant. I see more and more shops going in the same direction such as UNIQLO and Armani Exchange. It makes no sense to use energy to create something and then throw it away. This is why I am so against fancy Japanese packaging. So much goes to the garbage bin immediately upon unwrapping something. I was so happy to see that my local supermarket started to charge customers for shopping bags.


There were a lot of celebrities at the party but unfortunately I was an hour late so most of them have already left. I missed Jessica Michibata but was lucky enough to see Emi Renata, Juliana Minato, Carolina Kaneda and Anne Nakamura – beautiful Japanese models.




And I also ran into Namiko – amazingly friendly and beautiful girl from Maybelline PR team.



The event itself was amazing. It was so green, so vegan and so friendly with easy-going vibe and beautiful live music, I could even bring my child without worrying about overstimulating him. There was no alcohol but tons of herb fusion teas and smoothies, chocolate waffles and fruit bites. A dream at the end of a tiring working day! :)





A very talented team of designers did a live performance, creating a garment out of paper that they then painted with cherry blossoms. It was like watching Project runway unconventional materials challenge on speed. :)






On the second floor of the Batsu art gallery where the event was taking place, we could also see the CONSCIOUS collections from the previous years and talk to Catarina Mindby – the spokesperson for the project.




Thank you so much Saki and H&M PR team for inviting me. With all the lovely traditional Swedish tunes and fruit smoothies, I got a new boost of energy right when I needed it the most. :)


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  1. val #

    what a very pretty cherry blossoms handpainting!

    April 13, 2014

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