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Stylish solutions

Right before my big trip back to the motherland, my husband surprised me with an exciting present – 40mm pancake lens for my new Canon EOS Kiss X7 camera. I have an incredible 18-55mm zoom lens that is everything I need minus the weight. It’s just plain heavy and with my bag full of toys and books that I packed in preparation to entertain my son in the airplane, having a compact, light camera was more than appreciative. Now, of course pancake lens and especially this particular one is only good for portraits but I had no problem working around it as long as it guaranteed that my handbag was always light. ^-^

Unfortunately, I had no good case to carry the camera. Wrapping it in a handkerchief did little to prevent it from constant explosions of rice crackers and water spills in my bag (yes, being a mom will guarantee you a filthy, stained bag full of old food and sand. I am not kidding..). So the three weeks in Russia with my adorable toddler did a little damage to the camera but after returning to Japan, I finally found the perfect and I mean really perfect solutions.

First of all, meet my new case for carrying the camera with pancake lens. It is really what I have been looking for all this time. Not only it is super stylish, it is extremely easy to use. I can keep it open in my bag for the times I use my camera on and off like during FNO and it still guarantees great protection as well as a super easy access to the camera.  It is roomy and compact at the same time. I found it by chance while browsing birthday presents for my girlfriends. I had no idea that Artisan&artist make camera accessories. I always associated the brand with makeup. During my brief modeling years, I remember that Artisan&artist pouches and organizers were the preferable choice of many professional makeup artists. I even remember being recommended one by my NHK stylist. I never ended up buying it though because as you can guess, makeup pouches are the number one birthday presents so I got a lot over the years but I did invest into this beautiful camera case. Worth every penny! ^-^




Now, the other discovery of mine I am yet to buy (here comes my wishful thinking that perhaps one of my dear friends who don’t know what to give me on my upcoming birthday is reading this post and gets my not so modest hint…). ^-^ Anyway, the other case/wrap that I found is oh so great! It can accommodate camera with bigger lens as well as ANY portable gadget – kindle, ipad, game console – you name it. I think it will be absolutely perfect for my bigger lens or any lens for that matter.




Artisan&artist is one of those Japanese brands that offers high quality, innovative products that not so many people outside of Japan know about so I am giving a shout out to the brand and hope they will use and abuse social media to promote their product. It is really great!


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