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Hendrick’s gin party at Yoyogi village

Last Saturday, Eri invited me to a party in Yoyogi village – a hidden lush green oasis with pure white beach sand, palms and surf boards. ^-^ It is an open-air complex that hosts organic shops, yummy eateries and even an event space. The party was for Hendrick’s gin – a brand new drink that’s about to hit Japanese market. It is a Scottish gin infused with rose and cucumber. I tried it in a basil cocktail and it was fabulous – a very fresh but sophisticated taste, perfect for a summertime soiree. ^-^ The bottle is very stylish with art-deco and industrial revolution vibes and I like their marketing campaign a lot. They are positioning themselves as a peculiar drink that is not for everyone, describing their customers as the “society of the unusual” which is like honey to all the hipster bees around the world. ^-^



I was very happy to see Cecile again. She was wearing head-to-toe Zadig et Voltaire with a nonchalant attitude that only French can pull off. ^-^



This is Hidemi – a beautiful girl in vintage looking Marc Jacobs who organized this party. She is also a mommy and our sons are same age. ^-^



The party started slow which allowed us to catch up and share recent gossips. ^-^ Then, the place gradually filled up and I got to meet interesting new people like Carmela – a life coach, Keiko – a textile designer, Crystal – a singer, actually the singer. It took me a while to put two and two together but eventually I recognized her as Crystal Kay – Japan’s most loved R&B diva. There were also the always beautiful Yoshiko and Martin Webb as well as Joe and Dan from






Thank you Eri as always! I had a great time and now I have a favorite party drink! ^-^

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  1. Hi Natalia! I’m so glad we finally met last night :) this party looks very elegant! I wonder how this gin tastes like – cucumber and rose sounds interesting! Hope to see you around again :)

    October 19, 2014

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