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A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT was my first runway show of SS2015 Fashion week. Yu Amatsu, the designer showed two collections this season: one for Hanae Mori and one for his own label A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT that he launched after working in New York as a pattern maker for Marc Jacobs!! I have a newly found respect for a pattern making trade. Watching season after season of Project runway, I never realized that it is nothing short of pure mathematics. The designers on the show made their pattern in mere hours while in reality it takes a lot of work. For the first time ever, I decided to make something myself – a Halloween costume for my son. Making your own pattern involves a lot of calculations. I found myself drowning in numbers for days before I could come up with something more or less resembling a pattern. Seriously, the job of a pattern maker should not be underestimated. They are pure geniuses.

A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT showed RTW casual mens and womenswear mainly in muted grey and silver tones. The theme of the collection was a temperature of -37.89F ° at which liquid mercury solidifies. The shimmering silver of mercury can be seen in the fabric choices (satin, silk) and the movement of shapes.

Sweatshirt fleece is THE fabric of this season on many runways and you can see a lot of sweatshirt looks in here as well. The collection didn’t have the wow factor one would expect from a runway show but as a customer I was hooked in an instant. Every piece was not only wearable but matched my aesthetic: subtle, understated chic.

These looks were my favorite and I would love to buy some of them right away.


Unfortunately, my own photos are far from being perfect. I was sitting on the second row and couldn’t take any decent shots. So the above photos were taken from Tokyo Fashion Week official website.

And here are my own shots.









After the runway, I ran into Ena Kitamura from magazine. She gave me tips on how to improve my runway shots. If only I met her earlier. ^-^ Stay tuned for more coverage of Tokyo fashion week SS 2015.


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