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Last week, I went to Hayato Tokyo to try a new keratin treatment that promises silky hair without the use of damaging chemicals. I chemically straighten my hair every summer to get rid of the unruly mess that it turns into in humid weather. The effect is permanent but it dries out the life out of my hair. The new keratin treatment is all about the balance between inner and outer beauty so of course I was instantly on board when my stylist Taichi announced he was looking for models to try it out. The treatment can be customized which means that if you just want to tame your curls a little bit without pin-straightening them – you can do it by choosing the solutions with medium intensity. I wanted my hair straight so I went for the strongest combination of “shape” and “smooth” treatments. And although the hair does become straight, it still has some texture to it. After 6 days I got my volume back but it still looks super polished. The effect is not as lasting (only around 5 months) but it is better in the long run. I’m actually making my hair more healthy rather than more damaged.. Let’s see how to goes but for now I am super happy.

Oh, and I chopped all of my dry, super nasty long hair – I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I also want to grow my natural color back so over the next year or so I’ll be temporarily coloring my hair darker and darker to make the difference less visible. Right now, I went two tones down but the tint is not permanent – I have to re-do it every few months or so.. Overall, my hair requires a lot of work so taking the unruliness out of it was a super big deal for me. In a combination with a short cut, it became very low maintenance which is exactly what I need in my life right now. Yay to the keratin-treated short hairdos! Why didn’t I think of it earlier? ^-^

So this is the hair in its natural state – not blow-dried, not styled. It has a few waves here and there but overall straight and it has volume.


_MG_9531 copy

If I blow dry it (or when I learn to do it properly), it’ll look even better. Also, I can still curl it with a curling iron and it will last for a few days.

If you want to give it a try, head to Hayato Tokyo in Roppongi. All the staff speaks English and were trained on foreign hair in NY and London.

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