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Drones, robot pets and self-driving cars – the future is here

Today, I saw an article on Facebook that by 2020 the very first self-driving cars will start running on the streets of Tokyo. I have already seen them appearing on The Good Wife and The Silicon Valley and I wonder how the whole dynamics of taxi business will change with the implementation of such cars. Tokyo drivers are notorious for not knowing their way around. Are they going to be replaced by the robot cars? Will I finally be able to get to places on time? I have interacted with several robots around Tokyo. They only spoke and understood Japanese but one told me he wanted to learn English. Then he froze.. ^-^ I think its still a long way to go before robots will enter our every day lives but when they do I really hope that James Cameron won’t be saying I told you so! ^-^

I am particularly curious about the care robots that provide therapeutic help to patients, children and elderly. A talking Barbie is pretty scary (we all watched that CSI episode) but Japan-made care robots such as Paro – the robot seal and Parlo – the dancing robot are pretty cute and I have seen them a lot on TV doing great job at dementia centres.

It would also be nice if the Paro developers created several pet versions of the robot to replace poor dogs that are purchased as presents for children who do not wish to take care of them.. Every day, I see Facebook messages of people asking to adopt their pets or asking where they can buy a dog CHEAP… People should be denied the right to purchase an animal without a proper license or something that proves their ability to be responsible humans.. Instead, they should just purchase pet robots and switch them off whenever they don’t feel like walking them or feeding them… Should I pitch this idea? 

Robots are fun and a little bit scary especially when they resemble humans. But I’m excited nevertheless to see where our technology might take us in the near future. By the way, I am going to try drone photography next week for my new corporate project. I hope we will be able to communicate well. :)