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Picnic at Yoyogi park

I wrote this post at the end of December last year but never got to publish it. I never get to finish things these days. Even when I have a little bit of free time I choose to sleep because I am so tired.. hehe Oh well, better late than never. ^-^

So, I get to stay at home a lot lately and it’s winter and it’s cold and it’s getting dark way too quickly. When I hear 5PM chime outside my window, I have this sad tightening feeling in my chest that another day has past and I haven’t done much.. Taking care of a newborn is tough because it turns your whole world upside down and requires a lot of getting used to. Not that I mind feeding and burping and changing diapers. I actually enjoy all that. But I miss terribly my other activities, especially going out and meeting my friends… I was going through some old pics today while the little one was sleeping and stumbled upon this picnic photos we took during Golden Week this year. I never got to publish them and now it’s kind of too late but I decided to do it anyway. It’s nice to look back at the beginning of my pregnancy and see how it was. That picnic day was actually when I told my girlfriends I was pregnant. We had such a nice time. It was funny how they immediately swooped the bags with food and drinks out of my hands and then didn’t allow me to carry anything heavy the entire day. ^-^

That’s my favorite picnic food from Tokyu food court in Shibuya. All these shops have been there since I moved to Japan. In Tokyo everything changes with the speed of light yet my favorite gyoza and croquette shops are still there after all these years. It just tells you how delicious the stuff is. People keep coming back for more keeping the business alive.

That day, Gow chan brought Buddy with her. He loves eating his snacks on someone’s lap. ^-^

Sakura in Japan blooms in April but this particular kind is late, blooming in the beginning of May. Shibuya has a lot of such trees. That’s another thing that I miss.. I moved to another ward this year after living in Shibuya for 10 years. Third of my life I have been living in this crazy Tokyo neighbourhood that never sleeps. I used to live in an apartment building that had Meiji street – the biggest longest street in Tokyo on one side and train track on the other side. City noise was constant and I got used to listening to the sound of traffic and train when falling asleep. Now, I hear the singing of birds in the morning. It is very nice but it is so different. Sometimes, I wake up because it is too silent. Crazy! ^-^


Birthdays in 2012

This year has been extremely busy for me and that is why I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I would have wanted. But now that I have a little bit more time on my hands I can finally sort out through hundreds of photos that I took at various events and post some of them here. This one is about birthday parties that took place this year.

First, there was Shelly’s birthday right after Golden week. It was a beautiful party at an upscale private dining place in Nishi Azabu organized by her agency. There were a DJ and champagne tower and funny games and lots and lots of guests. ^-^

One of the guests was Rola – the current IT model/talent. She was very bubbly and funny and at times silly but that’s what sells in Japan so she was doing a great job.

I took this photo when girls were playing the game “Who knows Shelly the best!” They were getting Shelly dollar every time they answered a question correctly.

This guy won the main prize – a pair of tickets to Disneyland. Nice!

Then, there was Gow’s birthday party/live performance at Ginza Roots. It was also amazing, very posh and so so crowded. Gow has a lot of friends. Whenever we go out together, somebody always stops us on the street to say Hello to her.

Many of her talented friends performed for her that night including Girls’ talk, David, Mathew from Fox TV, beatboxer Kazu and a band of musicians.

Gow sang too – of course she was the best of them all.


At parties like this I meet a lot of people that I don’t normally see like Natalie and Clara. We used to work together on various TV shows and modeling jobs..

For my birthday this year I didn’t have any party. I hate throwing parties for myself and I hate asking my friends to do it for me. Instead, I had a romantic date with my husband and it was all I could wish for. It was one of the biggest storms that day with all the TV stations advising people to stay indoors. Instead of taking the advice, we rented a car and drove to the ocean. Crazy I know but it was so damn romantic. The stormy ocean is beautiful, rain is beautiful plus it always rains on my birthday so it was nothing new. ^-^

After spending half a day at the beach, we drove back to the city to Odaiba to watch “Bourne legacy” coz this movie series has a special place in our hearts. We both love it because it takes place in Europe and it is real with old-fashioned phones and logistics and operations – no sci-fi bullshit like virtual screens and immediate satelite access and people who just happen to conveniently know stuff “just because” like in other Hollywood movies. Of course I didn’t like it that much without Matt Damon in it but I enjoyed it anyway.

After the movie, we got back into our car and drove home. Only instead of heading towards the rainbow bridge, my husband stopped in front of Tokyo Nikko hotel where he secretly booked a room with the view to the bay as a surprise to me. I always wanted to stay at that hotel because it has this huge windows overlooking the best of Tokyo’s skyline and my favorite park is right in front of it. I was so happy to finally realize that dream.

The room was amazing. From our balcony I could watch the storm unraveling in the bay. It was breathtaking.

We had champagne and chocolate cake and I got yet another flower bouquet. It was amazing.

In the morning, the bay looked so peaceful after the storm. I woke up early and just sat on the balcony half naked watching the sunset and eating my chocolate cake. ^-^

We had breakfast in my favorite park in front of hotel and then headed home. It was the perfect birthday date.

Last week it was Laura’s birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t be at her birthday party but I met her a couple of days ago for a private birthday date in Odaiba. I am so happy she loved the dress I gave her. I was having my doubts especially after all the friends I sought advice from confirmed that it wasn’t her style.. A little black dress won’t hurt anyone’s wardrobe even if one prefers to wear color most of the time. ^-^

By the way, these are the pics I took with my new Sony. I absolutely love how sharp they are. I didn’t even use any surface to station my camera on when taking these photos. These are just snaps I took while walking – simply amazing. ^-^

Speaking of movies..

Last week, me and Laura went to the movies to see Avengers in 3D. Usually, I don’t enjoy 3D movies because of the heavy 3D glasses that give me headache and leave red marks on my nose. However, I recently discovered really cute 3D glasses on the Internet that are not only fashionable but also light and can be worn as normal glasses. They don’t seem to be having that annoying film on the lenses that the normal 3D glasses have so you can’t really tell they are 3D but they totally work.

To see if there was any difference, Laura wore the usual 3D glasses provided by the theater and I wore mine and then we exchanged them several times during the movie. The result was the same!! Amazing! I quickly spread the word among my friends in Japan and Russia but was surprised to learn that fashionable 3D glasses were not a novelty at all in Saint Petersburg. My Russian friends were using their own original 3D glasses for some time now.. In Japan, there is no such thing which is sad because not only Japanese 3D glasses look hideous, the movie theater charges you for renting them.. I hope they will change their policy soon and offer cheaper tickets for those who bring their own glasses..

Anyway, the 3D glasses that I got on the internet are INGRI:DAHL and they come in several styles and colors. There are even clip-ons that you can use on your prescription glasses to turn them into 3D. At first, I was thinking of getting one of those because I do wear prescription glasses when watching movies with subtitles but then, those brainy movies that my husband makes me watch are never in 3D so I went for the frame ones that are super cute. ^-^ The INGRI:DAHL online shop offers international delivery and it only took 1 week to get them which is not bad at all.

The movie itself was OK. It wasn’t anything special but it was exactly what I needed after a long and stressful day at work – predictable plot with really hot actors and lots and lots of effects and pyrotechnics. That Thor guy is really yummy. I don’t like him on stills but in action he is amazing!!

Speaking of movies.. ^-^ Every year, Ridley Scott is challenging the public with a different project. Last year, it was a short movie competition that Laura participated in. You can watch her entry here. Even though her work wasn’t chosen, I think it is brilliant and much more original than those that won something. This year, Ridley Scott was looking for private videos from Japan that were taken on March 11th, 2012 – exactly one year since the Big Tohoku earthquake and Laura had plenty of those. In fact, he used tons of her footage of the disaster area in his new documentary “Japan in a day”. She went on a volunteer trip to Fukushima that day carrying food and other necessities to the refuge camps and shot a lot of unique scenes that were used in the movie. The documentary also used some of the scenes with Laura herself, even for the trailer that you can watch here. You can see it in Japan, in theaters from November 3rd and worldwide sometime later this year.

My other friend Dima who used to co-host NHK’s “Russian on TV” with me a couple of years ago has since moved to Hollywood to study cinematography. He is currently working on a project called “Sector”. The story is similar to “28 weeks later” but the project focuses on human emotions and interactions rather than bunch of messy bloody scenes and 3D effects. I am not a huge fan of such movies but I know him and I know that no matter what he decides to make, it will be brilliant.

At the moment, it is an indies project and they need a lot of support. If any of you guys are interested in donating to his project, you can do it here.

Ice skating in Midtown

A few days ago me and Laura went ice skating to Midtown, Roppongi. We couldn’t have chosen the worse day for that though. It was so terribly cold and windy. Later, I had to soak in hot bath for an hour to get warm again. ^-^ But it was fun anyway! There were only a few people there so we had the rink almost entirely to ourselves which was a relief as I am not very maneuvery.. It was only my second time to stand on ice.

Both Laura’s and my mom used to do figure skating when they were young so both of them are amazing on ice. Me, I never had an opportunity to skate till last year when my brother took me to a ski resort in the outskirts of Saint Petersburg.

Midtown ice park is beautiful because of its illumination at night. There are strings of light that fly back and forth in between the trees surrounding the rink.

I managed to skate without falling. I even learned to turn and twirl. The rink is open till the end of February so I should go again and practice. ^-^

One hour was enough for me to get so cold I couldn’t stop coughing. Next time, I will make sure to wear a hat!!! ^-^


A walk in the park

Last Saturday, Laura took me to Showa memorial park in Nishi Tachikawa. It’s a huge space with 11 km bicycle trail and many themed gardens. It is also famous for autumn flowers like cosmos and red lilies. We couldn’t see much of them though because of the horrible typhoon that destroyed the cosmos fields almost entirely the previous week. But nevertheless, there was still a lot to see! We took a couple of pictures there and had a picnic. Then, she gave me a very nice birthday present – these beautiful Chanel glasses that I so admired on her. She actually asked me to hold them for her while she went to the bathroom and when she came back she was wearing hers!!!! Such a surprise and so very Laura! ^-^

These are a couple of pictures she took of me in the park. ^-^

Parallel lines Philips cinema competition

A while back my friend Laura has entered a movie competition hosted by Parallel lines Philips cinema and a movie director Ridley Scott. The competition was an attempt to show that the same story can be told in many different ways.

The story was provided by the competition in a form of 6 fixed lines :

1. What is that?

2. It’s a unicorn

3. Never seen one up close before

4. Beautiful

5. Get away. Get away.

6. I’m sorry

The order of the lines had to remain the same but they could be told in any language. Also, the movie had to be only 3 minutes long.

Parallel lines Philips cinema competition – official entries:

I have watched almost all the entries (about 300 of them) and I really think that Laura’s movie deserved to be in the top 10. It was dark but beautiful, with good cinematography and so easy on eyes.

Most of the movies that got into the top 10 were made by famous directors with a substantial budget to spend. If the competition was to be fair, it would have had a fixed budget and set of rules that wouldn’t allow the use of professional equipment… But if you see at least a couple of the high budget movies, you would still think that Laura’s low budget movie was of the same if not a higher quality. ^-^

I actually helped her shoot one of the scenes. It was the one where she runs on a narrow Tokyo street and pushes an old lady carrying a grocery bag. The bag falls down and tears apart. The scene had to show that however bad the situation was, the main heroine couldn’t stop. She had to keep running because it was the race against death.

We shoot this scene in Ogikubo, in front of a Chinese restaurant. The street was actually very wide but we had to make it look narrow to fit the brief. The location was perfect for the movie – it had a nice red light about it and the old lady who was so kind to help us was living nearby.

That 3 second scene took us two hours to shoot. This is me and Laura shortly after we were done – exhausted but happy. ^-^

I know the competition is over for her but you can still cast your vote on youtube so if you like the movie, please give it a good rating! ^-^

And you can also take a look at her solo album on itunes.

Pizza on the beach

It’s my second time to sneak into Laura’s hotel and stay at her room free of charge. She is a spokes-model for French perfume on a night shopping channel so the agency rents her a room in a nice hotel in Makuhari every time she has this job. It has an onsen and a great pizza restaurant and it’s right by the beach. I arrived there on Friday evening and stayed till next morning. We took couple of pizza out and ate on the beach which was quite windy so I had sand topping on my Napolitana.  ^-^

The grass on the beach had the same color as my hair so Laura had this idea of taking my pictures while laying on it. Unfortunately the sun was high in the sky so I couldn’t force myself to keep my eyes open. This is literally the only picture we managed to take.

If you want to enjoy a beach in Japan, it’s better to come before the season starts. Endless crowds make it impossible to find a solitude or take a picture with no one on the background. Winter beach is the best. It’s empty and the colors are gorgeous. You can have a big stretch all to yourself and do whatever you want.

Laura has such an eye for taking good pictures. Whenever I see her stopping and looking around I know that she got inspired with something. She notices things I don’t. Like this picture for example. It was just a small passage from hotel to the beach with trees on both sides. Yet, she noticed these beautiful patches of light coming through the leaves and how beautiful would it look when shot from the bottom up.

I wish I could spend more time in Makuhari but I had to leave right after lunch for Dima’s birthday party (see the next post).

L & V’s birthday (not wedding)

That’s how it was officially announced – a birthday party, not a wedding! L and V decided to throw one big party this year because their birthdays are only two weeks apart.

They rented a cute little French restaurant in Shinjuku and invited quite a crowd – the usual kind, people you can only meet at their birthdays – actors, singers, entertainment managers and producers, makeup artists and the weird people. I love the last kind the most. This time, my most favorite was the guy dressed as Prince Charming with a servant by his side. I so wanted to talk to him but me starring at him so hard must have spooked him away coz he left short after arrival. Damn, I wish I could get inside his head and see how everything works in the magical little world of his..

Unfortunately, my birthday surprise to V was totally ruined by his mean little friend who called him and revealed that’s the present is gonna be Nintendo Wii. I spend half an hour wrapping it in silver paper with four different kinds of ribbons and then dragging it all the way to Shinjuku in the rain. If I knew V is gonna know about it, I wouldn’t bother.. I so wanted to surprise him…

It was also a debut night for my brand new toy Panasonic GF-1 single lens camera I bought for my upcoming trip to Patagonia. It’s perfect! It takes great photos in the dark and the portraits are beautiful!! I already tamed it but of course all the pictures with me in it that were taken by somebody else are blurry because if you’re bad at taking pictures, good camera won’t help you..

Laura DJing @ Womb

Laura DJ @ Womb

Nothing is impossible for Laura! Singing, costume designing, modeling, making movies, acting, DJing? No problem. Her multi talent has no limit and she never fails to surprise me. Last week she invited as all out to her party at Womb where she was performing as well. It was great, so natural and energetic.

Gals @ Womb

There was a fashion show too. Some young aspiring designer and 150cm tall Japanese models hehe. No but they were cute and who said a model has to be tall? Tiny models can do it just as good. :) Here is their picture!

Womb models


About two months ago I was asked to perform as a background “fake” singer for some stage musical show. I had no idea that Adeyto was in it in a main role! I was so happy to be able to work with her again but in the end my small role was cut out and I didn’t do it…But Adeyto was a star in that show, performing role of Paris geisha and singing three solo songs! She is so talanted and beautiful! Now she is recording two albums and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! ^-^