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BAM! – Gow’s birthday live at Lega

It became a tradition for Gow to do a live performance on her birthday. Last year, it was incredibly good but this year it was even better. At some point while watching her, I thought to myself – who is this girl? She can easily give Beyonce run for her money. Not only it was a full 2 hour live performance, it was accompanied with a specially made movie that connected each song into a story and it had a bunch of different dancers – Latin, Indian, hip hop and even pole dancers!! There were other musicians too like Girls’ talk and a team of beat boxers.

BAM live at Lega

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Birthdays in 2012

This year has been extremely busy for me and that is why I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I would have wanted. But now that I have a little bit more time on my hands I can finally sort out through hundreds of photos that I took at various events and post some of them here. This one is about birthday parties that took place this year.

First, there was Shelly’s birthday right after Golden week. It was a beautiful party at an upscale private dining place in Nishi Azabu organized by her agency. There were a DJ and champagne tower and funny games and lots and lots of guests. ^-^

One of the guests was Rola – the current IT model/talent. She was very bubbly and funny and at times silly but that’s what sells in Japan so she was doing a great job.

I took this photo when girls were playing the game “Who knows Shelly the best!” They were getting Shelly dollar every time they answered a question correctly.

This guy won the main prize – a pair of tickets to Disneyland. Nice!

Then, there was Gow’s birthday party/live performance at Ginza Roots. It was also amazing, very posh and so so crowded. Gow has a lot of friends. Whenever we go out together, somebody always stops us on the street to say Hello to her.

Many of her talented friends performed for her that night including Girls’ talk, David, Mathew from Fox TV, beatboxer Kazu and a band of musicians.

Gow sang too – of course she was the best of them all.


At parties like this I meet a lot of people that I don’t normally see like Natalie and Clara. We used to work together on various TV shows and modeling jobs..

For my birthday this year I didn’t have any party. I hate throwing parties for myself and I hate asking my friends to do it for me. Instead, I had a romantic date with my husband and it was all I could wish for. It was one of the biggest storms that day with all the TV stations advising people to stay indoors. Instead of taking the advice, we rented a car and drove to the ocean. Crazy I know but it was so damn romantic. The stormy ocean is beautiful, rain is beautiful plus it always rains on my birthday so it was nothing new. ^-^

After spending half a day at the beach, we drove back to the city to Odaiba to watch “Bourne legacy” coz this movie series has a special place in our hearts. We both love it because it takes place in Europe and it is real with old-fashioned phones and logistics and operations – no sci-fi bullshit like virtual screens and immediate satelite access and people who just happen to conveniently know stuff “just because” like in other Hollywood movies. Of course I didn’t like it that much without Matt Damon in it but I enjoyed it anyway.

After the movie, we got back into our car and drove home. Only instead of heading towards the rainbow bridge, my husband stopped in front of Tokyo Nikko hotel where he secretly booked a room with the view to the bay as a surprise to me. I always wanted to stay at that hotel because it has this huge windows overlooking the best of Tokyo’s skyline and my favorite park is right in front of it. I was so happy to finally realize that dream.

The room was amazing. From our balcony I could watch the storm unraveling in the bay. It was breathtaking.

We had champagne and chocolate cake and I got yet another flower bouquet. It was amazing.

In the morning, the bay looked so peaceful after the storm. I woke up early and just sat on the balcony half naked watching the sunset and eating my chocolate cake. ^-^

We had breakfast in my favorite park in front of hotel and then headed home. It was the perfect birthday date.

Last week it was Laura’s birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t be at her birthday party but I met her a couple of days ago for a private birthday date in Odaiba. I am so happy she loved the dress I gave her. I was having my doubts especially after all the friends I sought advice from confirmed that it wasn’t her style.. A little black dress won’t hurt anyone’s wardrobe even if one prefers to wear color most of the time. ^-^

By the way, these are the pics I took with my new Sony. I absolutely love how sharp they are. I didn’t even use any surface to station my camera on when taking these photos. These are just snaps I took while walking – simply amazing. ^-^


Autumn is the birthday season for me and the majority of my friends, we are all surprisingly born between the middle of August and the middle of December so this particular time of year, we get to party every few weeks.

After my brother’s, my husband’s, my father’s, Zhenya’s, Dalrae’s, Sergey’s and a couple of other friends’ birthdays, Gow’s was next on the line. ^-^ We chose a nice terrace restaurant “Denrokuen-tei” at the top floor of Parco in Shibuya. It served really tasty Japanese food and a great variety of cocktails.

In Tokyo, there aren’t many open space restaurants so you really have to try hard to get a table there but luckily this time we could easily make reservations and get the best possible table right in the middle of the roof, surrounded by small water pools.

Every year, I get Gow a new “Birthday” accessory and every year she absolutely hates it! It’s so much fun to torture her like that! ^-^

After Parco, we moved to a Spanish bar called “Casa del Bueno” which served an amazing carpaccio. We had a couple of bottles of wine and ate like ten plates of meat. ^-^ The atmosphere of the restaurant was great, my recommendation to anyone who is looking for a cozy place in the chaotic Shibuya!

Next birthday was mine. After having so much fun during my birthday week, I didn’t have the energy for a big party so this time it was just me and my girls.  At first I wanted to celebrate it at the Opening ceremony’s potluck cafe but the place looked too huge and too cold for a small company so I settled on the good old Demode queen terrace cafe.

Mia’s birthday was the next day after mine so we celebrated it together. ^-^

Plus, I finally got to meet Lucy – my new friend from Scotland who speaks perfect Russian and I mean perfect! I met her at an audition and for the first 10 minutes we talked, I was sure she was some chick from Moscow. ^-^ Then, she told me she was Scottish – I couldn’t believe my ears. Shame on me for wasting my life writing blogs when I could use the time to study harder..

After getting drank with tons of really bad mojito we finished the evening at the S bar, my recently favorite hangout! Where else would you get 500 yen lemon beer at a terrace bar that has its own DJ?

Then, there was Jiye’s birthday which we celebrated at my place. She came together with her husband and I also invited Dalrae to introduce my two best Korean friends to each other.

I cooked a nice Russian dinner – cutlets with mushroom sauce, baked potato and green salad with sour cream. We drank crazy Japanese cocktails from cans and talked about all things Korea. It was a lot of fun.

Who is next? The rest of my friends! ^-^

L & V’s birthday (not wedding)

That’s how it was officially announced – a birthday party, not a wedding! L and V decided to throw one big party this year because their birthdays are only two weeks apart.

They rented a cute little French restaurant in Shinjuku and invited quite a crowd – the usual kind, people you can only meet at their birthdays – actors, singers, entertainment managers and producers, makeup artists and the weird people. I love the last kind the most. This time, my most favorite was the guy dressed as Prince Charming with a servant by his side. I so wanted to talk to him but me starring at him so hard must have spooked him away coz he left short after arrival. Damn, I wish I could get inside his head and see how everything works in the magical little world of his..

Unfortunately, my birthday surprise to V was totally ruined by his mean little friend who called him and revealed that’s the present is gonna be Nintendo Wii. I spend half an hour wrapping it in silver paper with four different kinds of ribbons and then dragging it all the way to Shinjuku in the rain. If I knew V is gonna know about it, I wouldn’t bother.. I so wanted to surprise him…

It was also a debut night for my brand new toy Panasonic GF-1 single lens camera I bought for my upcoming trip to Patagonia. It’s perfect! It takes great photos in the dark and the portraits are beautiful!! I already tamed it but of course all the pictures with me in it that were taken by somebody else are blurry because if you’re bad at taking pictures, good camera won’t help you..

Vincent’s birthday in Aoyama

Me and Vincent with cake

Vincent is my hero because he organizes his own birthday party every year. This is a real pain to take care of everything from venue to food to invitations to time to money matters. He does all of it by himself without asking his friends for help. I really admire his ability to do all that AND enjoy the party AND greet and chat with all the guests not forgetting anyone. If it was me, I would get drunk and wake up when it’s time for cake and presents. Yeah, he did the cake too! ^-^

Mia and Takeshi

The party was at a small French restaurant in Minami Aoyama. It was cozy and food although junk and party was decent enough, maybe because the cocktails were coming nonstop! ^-^

Me and Gow at the party

There were friends whom I somehow meet only once a year at his birthday party. Somehow we don’t have any other occasion to meet. It’s funny how everyone is already thinking of Vincent’s birthday as a meet-up place. You can always meet some new and interesting people there too, mostly working in show business.

Vincent and me

They all have such outstanding funny personalities, it’s so easy to just come to the party and find yourself comfortable in a company of strangers. ^-^ I really enjoy his party and can’t wait for the big anniversary one next year. ^-^

Gow’s birthday party

Organizing a secret birthday party for a friend is a great challenge that tests your life experience and social skills. Obviously I am yet to learn a lot. I wanted to make a perfect party for Gow and in my opinion didn’t do all that well. I have a big respect to all “kanji” who organize countless “nomikai” in my company. Gathering people in an organized event is painful, at least for me.

Anyway, I was more lucky than last year and could gather more people but they all showed up at the last minute and of course the place got too small for such party. We couldn’t move around and ended up talking to the people who sat next to us…I wish I thought this through and reserved an open space cafe or bar…Sitting at the table is not so exciting…

There was no space for presents and no way of opening them in front of everyone…I planned a great greeting card present with pictures of all the participants glued to it..Each participant was supposed to carry a heart shaped balloon with their names written on it and then write a message to Gow under the picture…The markers didn’t write on balloons, they took all the free space left, I forgot the glue at home and we ended up using scotch tape…It was the worst card I have ever made..It travelled without any supervision from hands to hands and the balance of free space and contents was horrible…

I’m so grateful that Gow knows how to have fun in any kind of situations and doesn’t care about such things..However me as organizer, I felt terrible…Even the “Happy birthday” hat that I got for her was a bad idea because she wore hippie style ribbon on her head..

The party itself was a lot of fun because many of Gow’s friends could come and there were some people that I haven’t seen for a year. ^-^ After the dinner we went to karaoke which Gow had to book for herself because I didn’t plan nijikai…Another miss..Overall, I was relieved that Gow was happy and stayed with her friends till late but the feeling of dissatisfaction is hunting me…I could do so much better for my girl!

Lille & Garthe birthday @ Yoyogi park

Yoyogi park

I forgot how much fun it is to spend all day in the park, lying on the grass, playing games and catching up with old friends.
Lille’s birthday in the park was perfect! I had too much drinks of course but that didn’t hurt till next morning…

Yoyogi park

I am also suffering from multiple mussle pain from playing frisbie first time in ten years which reminds me that my daily life lacks any kind of physical activity..(and flying in Second life doesn’t do it!).
But aside from all post pain which by the way also includes sunburn (what a geek am I!) I had the best saturday in a while and I was so glad to meet Pete and Hiro and everyone else!

Yoyogi park

Next time we should go to the ocean and spend day at the beach!