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Tokyo Fashion’s night out 2014

It’s this time of the year again. Each shop in Harajuku/Omotesando/Shibuya district prepared something special for the Fashion’s night out and I happened to miss almost all of it, hehe. My dear husband went on a well-deserved vacation to Shanghai leaving me with my little munchkin so I couldn’t really check a lot of stores with a stroller and an 8PM sleeping time. ^-^ But, I couldn’t skip it either so I dressed my son in a matching outfit and went out to at least support my friend Eri who organized an elegant event at Comptoir des Cotonniers Aoyama boutique.


I had to make this fashion outing kid-friendly so our journey started at Softbank flagship store where we checked cool robots.

IMG_3553 IMG_3565

Then, we stared at Hato buses – my son’s recent obsession. Because Hato bus is his favorite toy, he drags it everywhere and of course keeps losing it. The last one we lost at Moscow airport on our way home from our summer vacation so I had to go to Kiddyland to buy him a new one. ^-^


At Kiddyland, we played with Lego nano trains and Totoro toys – another obsession of his. ^-^



Then, we headed to Petit Bateau flagship store where he played with ducks while I was spending tons of money on his outfits. I love this brand for high quality basics but it is seriously overpriced.. :/




I took some snapshots on my way to CdC boutique. I just love the atmosphere of FNO – lots of fashionable folks outside, DJ booths everywhere, champagne flutes are glistering in the lights and people shop, shop, shop. ^-^




Hello Kitty is being very popular this year. She did a number of fashion collaborations with high-end brands like Mikimoto and Louis Vuitton. Now, it’s Gucci’s time. By the way, did you know that Kitty is not even a cat? It was all over the news recently. Apparently, Kitty is a personification of a cat – a fashion-obsessed character who looks like a cat. ^-^










At last, we arrived at Comptoir des Cotonniers boutique. For this year, Eri organized a collaboration between the brand and Adrian, a very talented sketch artist and illustrator. He was sketching customers who tried on items from the new Nouvelle vague collection.




I was wearing CdC so got my sketch as well. Adrian is an amazing artist. In 2 minutes he managed to make a beautiful sketch of me and my son even though we didn’t stop moving for a second. 😉






My little artist was very inspired with Adrian’s work. He was mimicking him for good 15 minutes while I was sweating next to him, hoping he wouldn’t ruin any of Adrian’s displayed sketches. ^-^


The new collection is amazing – lots of separates to mix and match and they all are so comfy, absolutely perfect for the cold season. I have my eye on so many things. Unfortunately, I couldn’t shop that night because the fitting room had a long waiting list and because my son was getting tired by the minute.



I said my sad goodbyes and we left to catch a taxi back home. But not before I did a VERY quick stroll around my favorite Omotesando area behind Prada building. I give the most points to Moncler for their originality. They made it snow in the beginning of September. ^-^

IMG_3685 IMG_3693 IMG_3694

As usual, Red Valentino and Theory were almost empty. They just don’t know how to create a buzz during FNO. Having a cool DJ booth and free champagne does not guarantee you customers especially if it’s all inside and not visible from the street. And what’s up with all the clothes missing? Don’t you want people to shop? Theory has really missed the mark for me this year by removing ALL the clothes from the first floor.

IMG_3709  IMG_3713 IMG_3717

IMG_3710 IMG_3722 IMG_3723 IMG_3726

We got into our taxi right when it started to rain. I wanted to stay longer (snow, thunder, blizzard – whatever) but my little boy needed his dinner and sleep so we headed back home. Sorry for not having any more pics than that. Promise to do better next year. ^-^

Fashion’s night out Tokyo 2012

Vogue Fashion’s night out in Tokyo is getting better every year. Of course nothing can top off the last year when 17 Vogue editors came and brought along designers, celebrities and bloggers from all over the world but it was a special one time event to show support to Japan after what happened in March. This year, nobody major came but nevertheless the shops went out of their way to organize fun events, stamp rallies, contests all the while offering free drinks and food to its visitors. Many also offered limited edition merchandise – FNO-related novelty goods (Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs) as well as one of  a kind items you could buy only then and there (Gucci). Japanese girls absolutely love “gentei” – limited time thingies so those were selling out pretty fast.

Moncler window display

This year, I stayed mainly to the South-East of Omotesando area visiting Issey Miyake, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Theory and Roberto Cavalli. I skipped opening ceremony at Omotesando hills because it is the same every year with the same hosts and the same celebrities but here are a couple of pictures taken by my friend’s fiance. ^-^

Van Cleef & Arpels reception at Omotesando Hills (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

FNO opening ceremony at Omotesando Hills (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

Armani store on Omotesando street

New Bao Bao bag at Issey Miyake store. I am in love with this bag. I have it in white and absolutely love it. It gives such an edge to whatever outfit I choose to wear. I have been using this bag every day this summer and never ever did it not go with what I was wearing. I am seriously considering getting the pink one too now. ^-^ By the way, Bao Bao bags are only available in Japan for now but if any of you guys want it, I can help you get it. Contact me at

Dior, Chanel, Bulgari and Maison Martin Margiela stores, Omotesando street

Yayoi Kusama window display at Louis Vuitton. The wax figure is really freaky. It is so detailed, you can see oily pores on her skin and facial hair.. She is one strange lady but I don’t question her artistic sense. However unusual her designs are, they do make an amazing impact. Nobody went past Luis Vuitton without peaking inside. ^-^

Yayoi Kusama closeup (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

Ralph Lauren Rugby window display

In front of Gucci I ran into Gervin – my stylish friend from Philippines. He was as always full of positive energy.

Tommy Hilfiger window display at Tokyu plaza in Harajuku

Sergey and me in front of Dior store in Omotesando

Belvedere bar at Marc Jacobs flagship store in Omotesando

Beautiful MJ bags that we could take photos with. Marc Jacobs store offered a free photo session with Keiichi Nitta as part of their FNO celebration.

On the second floor, Tokyo Dandy organized a creative workshop. Everyone had an opportunity to customize US Vogue’s September issue cover with Lady Gaga on it wearing gorgeous Marc Jacobs gown. Me and Sergey immediately decided to go with a Russian theme. He made a really corky matryoshka out of Lady Gaga and I did this. Mine is not very creative but it was just for fun. ^-^

Then, I run into Marni, my New York friend who works at Marc Jacobs. She was wearing the cutest and most original skirt I have ever seen. I just wanted to keep touching it. ^-^

In front of MJ I also met Anna – Russian jewelry designer and model. She is amazing. I so wished to be wearing heels though when I was taking this picture with her. ^-^

At Prada, I ran into some more friends – two Russian models and my fashion friends Elly and Chiemi.

At Roberto Cavalli I met with Meg – my Japanese model friend and multitalented Misha Janette who as always was so dazzling and so sweet.

Models at Roberto Cavalli

Gorgeous Roberto Cavalli gowns

I finally bought new Roberto Cavalli’s perfume. The smell is incredible. I love it so much!

Corona beer bar at James Perse (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

Thanks to FNO my wish list doubled in length. ^-^ Now in addition to everything I need to buy at I also have to get Bao Bao bag in pink, purple Theory sweater and new MJ wallet because my present one is literally falling into pieces. Good thing my birthday is coming which means it is time to make some strategic suggestions to my family. ^-^

Fashion’s night out Tokyo 2011

When September came and there were still no news about FNO in Tokyo I got very worried but luckily it wasn’t canceled, just moved to November.  And because it was moved, it didn’t collide with FNOs in other cities so a lot of VIP guests could come to Tokyo this year.  And you wouldn’t believe who came! 17 international Vogue editors including Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani, a dozen of top fashion designers including Christopher Bailey of Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Derek Lam, Dior Homme’s Kris Van Assche and Michael Kors! On top of that, there were many international and local celebrities including Jennifer Hudson, Tao Okamoto, Tsuchiya Anna, Ai Tominaga, Nicola Formichetti and an army of fashion bloggers including Bryanboy!!, Rumi Neely, Chiara and Misha Janette! I was overwhelmed the entire 10 hours I spent on my feet going from one store to the next, spotting familiar faces everywhere, taking pictures of celebrities and drinking champagne non-stop. And the fashion around me, well, at the end of the day I was so light-headed, all I could think of was the plan to starve myself for the next couple of months to buy that beautiful coat at Theory and that bag at Marc Jacobs… ^-^

But first things first. The day started with me meeting my friend Sergey – the only person I know who talks fashion fluently. We had a nice Paella lunch at La Playa – Spanish restaurant in Shibuya and then headed towards Omotesando hills to watch FNO’s opening ceremony.

Omotesando street was buzzing with excitement. FNO posters were everywhere and the stores were getting ready to shower customers with special limited editions items, champagne and little somethings.

When we got to the hills, it was already crowded enough to fight for a place to stay.  Japanese event organizers are always overly enthusiastic at keeping things in order so it’s quite hard to walk around without being constantly reminded that you should pass by without stopping and withdraw from taking any pictures. Hello! Are you serious? Bloggers from all over the world flew to Tokyo to do just that… Luckily, I always get to play my “stupid foreigner card”. ^-^ After circling the area for 10 minutes, we finally settled on the second floor by the stage. That little red arrow on the photo is me taking picture after picture of Michael Kors and Anna Wintour on stage.

The ceremony was presented by Japan’s favorite super model Ai Tominaga, beautiful Tao Okamoto and multi-talented Anna Tsuchiya.

They called Vogue editors one by one onto the main stage. Out of 17, I caught on camera 12 of them.

Anna Wintour (Vogue US), Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italy), Eva Hughes (Vogue Mexico and Latin America)

Paula Mateus (Vogue Portugal), Anaita Adajania (Vogue India), Myung Hee Lee (Vogue Korea)

Christiane Arp (Vogue Germany), Victoria Davydova (Vogue Russia and yes, we have the same family name!!!), Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue France)

Seda Domanic (Vogue Turkey), Kristie Clements (Vogue Australia) and Rosalie Huang (Vogue Taiwan)

Then came out the designers, one famous house after another. It is funny how all the editors were women and all the top designers were men. ^-^

After Anna’s official “go”, the ceremony was closed and everyone went shopping. We started out at Bottega Veneta, then rushed through Ralph Lauren to get to Marc by Marc Jacobs. This year, Marc Jacobs was actively participating in FNO, giving out free tote bags and nail art stickers made specially for the event, having catering at the MJ store and a photo session at the MbMJ store. You got to choose a watch from MJ watch collection and then take a picture wearing it in front of a giant watch display at the store. Many shops followed this theme, offering photo sessions and then uploading the pictures to social networks.

By the way, the 3G network and wi-fi were jammed. So many people were checking-in and tweeting, there was no way to send out anything…

After Marc by Marc Jacobs, we turned back to Aoyama and passed by Hermes scarves pop-up store with a beautiful live performance and a photo session where you could wrap yourself in a 1000$ scarf and receive a picture in a beautiful Hermes frame. By the way, this year I received a gorgeous nautical Hermes kerchief from Laura on my birthday (yes! after receiving Chanel glasses from her – she is nuts!!!). I should have brought it with me..for comfort! hehe ^-^

Our plan was to get to Michael Kors store as soon as possible because I knew this year it would be the hottest place to be. And our timing was perfect. Soon after we entered , they stopped letting people in due to the arrival of special guests.

20 minutes into drinking champagne and trying on sunglasses, Michael Kors came in!!! Then, Tao and Ai, then Jennifer Hudson and at last Anna Wintour!!! I could hardly process the fact that I was there, standing next to them!

Funny thing I noticed, Michael had an assistant whose entire job was to tweet and update Facebook page. ^-^ I could see her taking pics with her iPhone every 10 minutes!

Michael was very sweet talking to fans, signing his limited edition tote bags (with 100% of proceeds going to Tohoku) and smiling the entire time.

Jennifer was beautiful and very friendly! Unfortunately even after she glanced at me and smiled, I still didn’t have the nerve to approach her and ask for the picture…

Anna Wintour was the last one to come. Her arrival turned things a bit chaotic with managers starting to push people around so me and Sergey decided to go out and continue our shopping tour.

Oh, but while we were at Michael Kors, I got to meet Misha Janette. I secretly fell in love with her bag. After researching it on the Internet, I found a smaller version of it in black. Today, I am heading to Issey Miyake. ^-^

After a brief stop at Haute Hippie where we got our chocolates and champagne to go, our next destination was Prada that went out of its way to outdo all the other shops this year. They had a garden of mannequins styled by non other than Anna Dela Russo – editor at large of Vogue Japan. They were all standing under plastic umbrellas which was very well thought of because it started to rain in the evening. ^-^

At Prada, we had yet another glass of champagne and checked the bags and shoes collection. When I just came to Japan, I used to go to Prada often to buy birthday presents like perfume and neckties even though I could very well buy them at the department store next door. I just couldn’t pass on a chance to sit on their white leather sofas and walk on their soft white carpets. Also, they wrapped everything in purple paper with white silk ribbons.. Aoyama Prada store is a magical place to be. ^-^

Then, we headed to Marc Jacobs where I spotted Marni and Martin – the two people from MJ empire that I personally know. ^-^

And then I also got to meet Bryanboy sporting a beautiful Louis Vuitton hat. ^-^

After MJ, we circled the shopping street behind Prada building first visiting Kate Spade and Red Valentino, where we drank champagne and ate fresh out of season raspberries. ^-^

Then, we checked Theory where we tried strawberry rice cakes with hot yuzu tea and drooled over beautiful winter coats.. They offered limited edition t-shirts with profits going to Tohoku as well.

At Roberto Cavalli store, we were fed chocolates and sprayed with not-yet-released perfume. I am absolutely obsessed with that sweet yet very sophisticated scent. I will be stocking on those bottles once the February comes.

Then, we enjoyed cotton candy at Stella McCartney carnival. A beautiful girl at front was performing my favorite Libertango on accordion. Whenever I hear that melody, I feel like the heroine of my own movie… It just moves me tremendously..

At Vivien Tam, we observed a serene tea ceremony performed by a beautiful woman whose every move was so focused and yet so effortless.. The marriage of Japanese and Chinese in that setting was perfect.

We did quick stops at Chloe, a newly opened James Perse store and Dres Van Noten, then headed back to Omotesando street passing Anna Wintour and her daughter visiting Marc Jacobs.. ^-^

Then I met Megumi. Poor thing was wearing heels!!! I can’t imagine myself walking all day long in high heels, it just kills the whole experience.. But she was so brave, all Japanese girls are..

Finally, we reached the opposite side of Omotesando street and our first stop there was Gucci. In store, they had a famous Japanese photographer taking pictures of visitors with a Gucci bag of their choice.

I selected a gorgeous hobo messenger bag for my picture. It went up on Gucci Facebook page that very same night. ^-^

At Burberry, there was a live performance of some British band, who then posed in front of the store, taking pictures with everyone who stopped by.

In front of Dior, Sergey spotted Nicola Formichetti – a creative director of Mugler and Lady Gaga’s stylist. If it wasn’t for my friend, I wouldn’t have scored this picture with him. Thank you Sergey! ^-^

At Dior, Yoon and her entourage were responsible for the craziest party. People were jumping and dancing right next to 5000$ bags!!

There, I ran into my friend Diana. ^-^

After Dior, we were planning to make our final stop at Chanel when I realized I left my iPhone at Gucci. It took me 20 minutes to find it but then it was already too late to continue. All the shops were closing at 8.. This year, because of Fukushima disaster, Tokyo fashion’s night out was moved to the day time. I don’t really know how it is relevant to the energy saving but I guess the gesture itself was important since many celebrities came to support Japan and many designers released limited items to raise funds for Tohoku.

After we could shop no more (not for the lack of trying), we went back to Omotesando hills to watch the closing ceremony. Verbal was playing at the Perrier lounge so we stayed there for a while and then went hunting for the spot.

Unfortunately, all the guests didn’t come back for the closing ceremony due to various after-party events so there was just a sleepy jazz band playing and then local celebrities sharing their FNO experience on stage. I wasn’t too much into the talk show so we decided to go out and finish that magical day with a hot coffee at my favorite Starbucks behind the Chanel building.

When I got home, I finally understood how exhausted I was but then again I also felt like the happiest person on earth. Thank you Vogue and FNO for the experience I will never forget. ^-^

Fashion’s night out 2010 – Tokyo style

FNO is an international event created in 2009 by none other than Anna Wintour (editor in chief, Vogue US) to encourage consumers to support fashion industry in declining economy and to develop a bigger awareness of fashion’s role in our daily lives. Whether it’s Dior or Gap – every major brand joined in to support the idea and showcase their collections. I don’t know about last year, but in 2010 FNO corresponded with the fashion week in NY so it received a huge coverage. It even got into Gossip girl’s season 4 opening.

Tokyo was one of the 16 other cities participating in the event so of course I couldn’t miss it.

The opening was held in Omotesando hills – a luxurious department store that houses the likes of Galliano, Dolce &  Gabbana, Jimmy Choo etc. and the hostess was Japan’s very own super model Tominaga Ai.

Oh and because it’s Japan, the event had it’s own special character Pom chan created by Takashi Murakami who collaborated with Roppongi hills and Louis Vuitton couple of years ago.

We watched the opening fashion show, had a quick bite at La Boheme and then went shopping.

During FNO all the shops were open until 11PM from Harajuku station to Minami Aoyama (Prada, Chloe, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Yoji Yamamoto etc.) and each was offering free champagne, ice cream, makeovers, special items and a stamp rally that gave you a chance to win something big like a Fendi bag.

We started at Dior and then moved to Chanel, Burberry, Ralph Lauren..

By the way, Ralph Lauren is opening a new shop “Rugby” on Cat street which promises to be something like Abercrombie & Fitch. The opening is in two days, same day as the opening of Topshop mega store in Shinjuku. I saw the new building 7 stories high and it all belonged to Topshop. I guess that business is doing great in Tokyo. I wonder if they finally start to sell all pieces from Kate Moss line now..

This is us in front of Chanel. Fur is back in.. Surprise, surprise!

This is me in front of my favorite store Marc by Marc Jacobs. I hate it’s recent popularity in Japan.. Now, almost every major department store has MJ shop in it and you can spot a lot of MJ bags around the city.. I just wish I could keep it all to myself..

I bought there couple of things including this beautiful red polka dot scarf. I am so in love with it, can’t wait for autumn to come!

Then, we went back to Omotesando hills for a party and more cocktails. Some famous DJs from I think m-FLO and/or Teriyaki boys had created quite a crowd there so it was a lot of fun.

I was taking a lot of pictures (as always) and annoyed the hell out of guys – sorry darlings but I need my report material!

Our last stop was Laforet department store with Topshop and Kitson on the first floor. They had a party of their own with stuffed animals, fake snow and funny looking bodyguards. ^-^

More pictures from FNO here: