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YSL beaute Lumiere Passion release party

Last Saturday, my friend Eri graciously invited me to the launch party of YSL beaute newest product line Lumiere passion. Within the line, the brand has released a new color just for the Asian market – pearly pink that highlights and beautifies the face. I am a big fan of their legendary Radiant touch concealer and the newly released Radiant touch or rose highlighter compliments it the best. I was excited to receive it as well as the new makeup base highlighter Le teint touche eclat or rose in my gift bag. It really makes the face look younger by inviting the light in with its light reflecting pearl powder. I had the opportunity to test it right there at the party makeup salon that was served by an army of professional makeup artists. I learned how to apply the concealer and the highlighter to feature my face the best. You can check this video from YSL for some useful tips.


The party was held at Tokyo’s prestige Maxim’s de Paris salon in Ginza. At the entrance, we each got a YSL sticker tattoo. Eri decided to have hers on her neck. ^-^


Besides me, she also invited two other friends – fashionable French ladies. They were both extremely elegant and friendly.




By the way, Cara Delevingne is the face of YSL beaute this year. I really love her ability to transform from a goofy girl into a lady with impeccable style and manners.


The party was more intimate this time, with dark setting and less people. All the guests were looking very Parisian, sometimes the attitude matched as well. ^-^ There were a lot of makeup stands where anyone can not only try the new product but also receive a makeup session and advice from professional artists.







Miki was very animated during her makeup session. I love her fearless attitude.



Supercupmatcha model/DJ/blogger was working at the event that night.


The DJs were all amazingly beautiful. Ueno Arisa



Joe and Dan from




We all tried the new makeup on and then posed for a group photo. ^-^



By the way, it is the first time for me to have my hair up in a pony tail since… let’s see.. never! I don’t know why but I somehow wanted to try it.. I don’t think it suits me at all.. My body proportions are weird so hiding my freakishly small head with lots of hair is my only option to look normal. Pony tail? Never again..


And sometimes, in the modern world of #hashtags, a scene like that is not uncommon. Everyone is so busy instagramming, we come together but end up being alone the entire evening.. I remember Quiterie telling me to put down my phone..hehe Oh well, that’s the reality now. If you are not on the timeline of the event, it’s like you were never there.. :/



Thank you Kozue san for the amazing party and thank you Eri for inviting me to it.

Unparalleled Ginza

A few days ago, I went to Ginza to fix my glasses. Having half an hour to kill while waiting for them I decided to walk from Shinbashi to Yurakucho on Chuo street – the main street of Ginza. For the first time I looked at it through the eyes of a casual observer rather than a busy shopper. Being always on the mission to hunt down a particular shopping obsession of mine I had never paid attention to the beauty of its architecture or to the contrast between modern and traditional that Ginza is so famous for.


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Tokyo’s Mercedez Fashion Week or how I almost missed it ^-^

This year, I gave myself a promise to go see Tokyo’s Mercedez Fashion Week and then I almost missed it entirely. I was planning to shake some of my friends for invitations to the closed fashion shows but since most of them are during the day when the whole working Tokyo is.. well working (including moi), I felt too unmotivated to even bother.. Then, I wanted to go check new Mercedez connection building just to get the taste of the fashion fever that was in the air that week and then again, my husband canceled on me the very last minute so I decided not to go alone..

In the end, Ginza fashion show was all I saw this year. And seeing it was quite a challenge! By the time me and Sergey – my fashion friend, arrived to Ginza, it was already closed for access. I will never cease to be amazed at the zest of Japanese event organizers with which they keep public away from accessing a public event! The fashion show on the Chuo street in front of Mitsukoshi department store was supposed to be a public event open to see for the people shopping in the area. Yet, it was closed with white sheets of canvas that was held by an army of event clerks.  You can see on this picture, just how many people they used to keep that sheets on and the runway was several hundred meters long!

So, we became creative and found a spot on the 6th floor of a nearby building. I could see most of the show before the event organizers spotted us and a bunch of other people watching the show from a non-designated location and forced us to go down. It was a really funny commotion. I used my best “I don’t speak Japanese” behavior so the guy who was pushing me, went down, learned a couple of English words, went up again and told me to leave. If that’s not an example of Japanese loyal commitment to their responsibilities, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, the show was weird. The clothes itself was beautiful, lots of Japanese denim outfits that I would love to have. Only, nobody announced the designers or labels. There was no pause between one collection and the next. The models just came out one after another in a long procession, walked the runway and disappeared again. So, I have no idea where to buy the denim jacket that I liked…:(

After the show, we went to check Mitsukoshi’s “New York runway” selection shop – my favorite place to shop for Alexander Wang, Vince and Catherine Malandrino (during the sales period of course, otherwise – no freaking way). They had a mini runway show of their own.

These are my three favorite looks from what they have shown. The floral shift dress with pockets is by a Japanese brand “Beautiful people”. I was sure it was an import but then I checked the official website and it is in fact a Japanese brand – very cute!

After Mitsukoshi, we went to check Issey Miyake’s flagship store called “Elttop tep” or “Pet bottle” in reverse.  I have finally given in and bought a beautiful Bao Bao prism bag in pearly white. I love it! It is very comfy and when it folds it looks magical. I already got so many compliments, it is definitely a keeper.

Then, we went to check Ginza’s new and the world’s biggest UNIQLO store. It was huge, 7 or 8 floors high with lots of collaboration pieces. I liked Orla Kiely t-shirts but so did bunch of other people so I didn’t buy any..

Our final stop was new Dover street market that was moved from Omotesando to Ginza. It was very similar to “Opening ceremony” in Shibuya. Grotesque design gallore, a lot of space for just a few pieces of very expensive clothes and absolutely no customers. I am giving it a few months. ^-^ Although, it has survived all this time in Omotesando. Maybe it only needs a few customers a month to produce some sort of profit…

Oh, there was one more thing that was kinda Fashion week related. Midtown – the main venue for the event was celebrating 5 years anniversary so my Japanese model friend Meg invited me to join her for some champagne and window shopping.

There was a spectacular acrobat show and I think a runway that we managed to miss because we went upstairs to the Suntory museum of art that had free admission that day. I am sure the collection of Chinese and Japanese china artifacts was worth it. ^-^

So that was my Fashion Week. I didn’t see much but at least I didn’t miss it entirely. Next season, I will try to be more active. ^-^

Jessica’s wedding after party

A couple of weeks ago I went to Jessica’s wedding after party at a posh club in Ginza. I first met Jessica when we were working together at Sma-station 5. To me she was always a girl with perfect nails – beautiful intricate designs each week. I always adore and respect women who can take care of their nails – something I have neither patience nor desire to spend money for..

We are now both married to our boyfriends back then so I feel connected to her. I was of course thrilled to receive an invitation.

Earlier that week, my Korean friend showed me her pictures from a wedding party she attended wearing beautiful Marc Jacobs dress. Immediately I knew I had to ask if I could borrow it but instead, she gave it to me! It was too big for her and she bought it on sale in LA so it was an easy loss for her and a great find for me! It fits me perfectly!

There were a lot of guests I didn’t know but all very friendly and easy to talk to – they all could speak English.

Traditionally there are always some crazy tequila games and I was asked to participate in one.

Me and tequila are not friends so after I lost – everything went funny including my camera even though I wasn’t the one holding it. ^-^

I mean seriously, after tequila that’s how everything looked to me – I guess me and my Lumix are soulmates because it reflects my mood perfectly. ^-^ I had a lot of fun that night!


Last sunday Gow took me to see play in Ginza performed by innerchild theatrical group and our common friend Haruka Orth.
Tha play “アメノクニ” was too difficult to understand without thorough knowledge of Japanese language and history but the visual part was great!!
The stage and costumes were in a sort of traditional radical Japanese style, moves of actors were choreographed and synced with music.The story was about a court historian whom a task to create a history for the country was laid upon.Then the country tried to live that history sometimes changing the events so that it would match it.
The historian was suffering from his own conscience agonizing between what is truth and what is lie but eventually he understood that not all truth is good and not all lie is bad.
Haruka played a role of emperor’s general in a form of English teacher. ^-^ That was very original!