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Maybelline NY Tokyo Fashion Week SS2015 after party

Maybelline NY is one of the main sponsors of Tokyo Fashion Week and a really generous one. Every time I went to a runway show that was supported by the brand, I got a gift bag full of cosmetics from their latest line. And the Halloween themed after party they threw for the closing of the Fashion Week was better than ever. It was at the trendy Le Baron de Paris club and almost every face was a familiar one. Thanks to the brand, over the past few years I met a lot of interesting people and made some good friends.

At the party, all the guests were treated to amazing spooky makeovers. I got a spiderweb with two cute spiders from one of the very skillful artists working that night.








The party as well as all the runway shows were sponsored by Dassai sparkling sake. I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to. The CEO of the company was so charming (I met him at the sponsor booth of Tiger Onitsuka runway show). I just always associate sake with Washyoku – Japanese food. I can’t quite make myself drink it in a sparkling state at a party. Sake for me should come in a warm cup on a New Year’s morning with me sitting under Kotatsu (low table with a built-in heater) and eating Osechi (traditional Japanese New Year’s spead). ^-^ I am sorry but some traditions shouldn’t be modernized. ^-^



That day, I lost my favorite Comptoir des Cotonniers jacket. It is a very sad story. I saw the jacket for the first time at a preview during press days last December.  Then, I saw it again at the CdC event later this year. I tried it on and I fell in love with it right away.


I patiently waited for the summer sale to snatch it, then vigorously hunted the right size down and at last bought it at half off. But I had to wait some more before I could start wearing it. When at last chilly autumn days came I was in heaven. I put my jacket on and fell in love with it all over again. It was so comfy and it went with everything I own.. I wore it for exactly 3 times before losing it somewhere on the street. It fell off my stroller and I didn’t notice because I was carrying my son in a carrier that blocked my vision.. I was planning to wear it with my Derek Lam dress for the Maybelline party later that day but had to change the entire look at the last minute. The good thing is, I always have another Comptoir des Cotonniers jacket to wear instead of the one I lose. ^-^ The bad thing is, I still miss it madly. I keep searching for it on eBay and Yahoo auction but so far no luck. If any of you dear readers happen to come across this jacket, please do let me know!


Back to the party.  My friend Adrian who never leaves home without a drawing pad was entertaining the party by randomly drawing everyone he spoke to – amazing talent! Events should start paying him money! ^-^


I made some new friends there thanks to the relaxing atmosphere of the party, including Mathieu – the founder of Tokyo street style magazine. (we are about to do an exciting project together)


Samantha – a very friendly and elegant model and Jillian Kate – Nylon blogger/model and stylist – both from California.








Thank you Maybelline again and again for the wonderful time and precious memories.

Alexander Wang x H&M shopping party

Yesterday, H&M Japan invited me to a long-anticipated Alexander Wang x H&M shopping event. This collaboration made a lot of buzz this year. Everyone I know was on edge trying to sneak a peak at the new collection and then of course get their hands on it too.

In my mind, I pictured a lot of soft jersey basics that Alexander Wang is famous for, or at least his T line. I did not expect a full-blown neoprene and everything sportswear collection or the fact that I would like it more than the anticipated jerseys. ^-^

The party didn’t need any warmup. Upon entering, people immediately went down to business. Pictures? Later! I need to have my boxing gloves and leather backpack! So the best of the stuff was grabbed pretty quickly. First went the shoes, then the bags and cutout dresses, then the rest of the stuff. By the end of the shopping spree there were only empty hangers left. I can only imagine what will happen on the 6th of November when the collection becomes available worldwide. Brace yourselves brave people of H&M. Winter is coming!












To say that there were a lot of recognizable faces there would be an understatement. There were more celebrities than the ordinary folks and that is considering the fact that I don’t know any of those Johnny’s and AKB youngsters.. Models, actors, singers, talents, photographers, bloggers, PR gurus, fashion stylists, fashion entrepreneurs and did I mention models? Lots of models! ^-^


I could finally meet Emi Renata – the gorgeous tall model in a tank top dress. She was very bubbly just like on her pictures. I loved her energy.





My favorite VERY model and writer Yoshiko Kriss-Web was as always stunning. She told me that Tim Burton was in town!!! What is the Halloween night without the Halloween king? ^-^ Tonight is promising to be very spooky! Happy Halloween everyone!






Misha Janette – Tokyo fashion icon, recently did an amazing editorial piece on her blog Tokyo Fashion Diaries. Be sure to check it out.


PR girls – full of energy despite a super long day!



Another model I adore is Viviene Sheep – New Zealand raised Taipei girl with a very memorable face. She was very friendly and so calm in the midst of all that shopping craziness. Next to her is Rinrin – model/vlogger and the only Japanese girl I know who speaks flawless English. ^-^


This is Matsu-you, one of the only Japanese fashion bloggers I know who can make a living out of being a fashion blogger.


I ended up buying less that I would have hoped for because the stuff went pretty quickly but here are a couple of things I was lucky enough to snatch.





White tank top 3490

Black jeans 11990

Bikini top and bottom 6490

The collection is going to be available from 6th of November nationwide. Go choose your camping spot now because if you think you can just walk in the doors on that day and have your picks, think again. ^-^ I am not even going to try even though I would love to get a couple of other pieces.. Let the hunger games begin!



It’s this time of year again!

It’s a week before my birthday which I like to call a pre-birthday week where each day I get something special from my lovely husband. Last weekend he took me to a Tokyo Disneyland’s very own Cirque Du Soleil “Zed”. I have never seen any other Cirque Du Soleil production so I have nothing to compare it to but I think it was pretty much an industry-standard with clowns, jugglers, flying trapeze gymnasts, contortionists and wire walkers. I didn’t get the story but it reminded me of a dream or a child’s picture book where everything just appears all of a sudden – one image replacing the other.  I really enjoyed it especially because I was sitting right in front of the stage with the beautiful dancers flying above me. ^-^

By the way, more than half of the performers were Russian or of Russian descent. There was an Israeli clown but he spoke Russian and at some point even swore on stage probably hoping that for everyone else his words would sound like an imaginary language. ^-^

After ZED we went to Disneysea for an evening admission.  Halloween is a month away so everything was decorated with meticulously curved Mickey pumpkins and paper ghosts and Autumn leaves – very beautiful.

I’ve been there many times so instead of standing in lines for the main attractions we just walked around and took the most unpopular rides for the fun of it. ^-^

The teacup ride is my favorite! It’s spinning crazy fast and really messes with your head especially after a full pint of beer.  I started to talk like a cartoon character after we got off and it really freaked my husband. Though he did manage to talk me into loosing my pink Marie the arisocat ears.. (>_<)

And I was really shocked to see my favorite Duffy bear that I got three years ago at a limited edition store being cloned and mass-manufactured.

Now, it’s the main souvenir to get when you go to Disneysea and everyone has it either as a mobile phone strap or a bag pouch or as a crazy avatar. There is a separate shop that sells just costumes for Duffy – unbelievable! In Disneysea I saw a girl with five full size Duffys on her bag – each in a different Halloween costume. My poor, old dirty Duffy – thank God you don’t see the monsters they made out of your brothers! (>o<)~

I kissed the girl and I liked it..

As opposed to Katy Perry my kiss may have been accidental and completely unintentional but yeah ok, I did get this much drunk to completely not care anymore. ^-^ What do you really expect – it’s Halloween – a one day of the year where it’s publicly accepted to be out of control. ^-^

Betty G.I. Cat

Ok, this year I was ugly and a victim as in Ugly Betty and a fashion victim. Besides the Ugly Betty costume I also wore purple stockings with red vintage Miu Miu shoes and pink cardigan. I won’t be caught dead in such outfit on a normal occasion so wearing it was a big stretch for me. :) I am actually very proud of myself for going out like that all by myself and all the way to Yokohama where our party began.

Betty Cat

We started drinking at a cozy little bar in Ishikawacho where I met in the order of appearance – an alien, a pregnant crack-whore, a G.I.Jen in zombified state, Lady Gaga, a very naughty cat and a witch in the company of someone bleeding to death.

Betty Gaga


After scaring and being scared all the while drinking we head to Shibuya where we met with Dima dressed as Dima and Serezha dressed as Serezha. ^-^ Yeah, I know! They could have at least swapped!


We tried finding a club to enter but everywhere were lines and lines of people so we took a taxi to Roppongi and went to our haven – a place that can always refuge us Halloween creatures. It’s a small club at the end of the strip where we used to dance salsa post-Sarah & Alberto.

My entourage

It was a “Boom-boom-boom..” moment when I could no longer bear wearing the wig and the poncho so I stripped back to my blonde self. ^-^ A moment later I started to see familiar faces here and there and then another moment later I saw an unfamiliar face right in front of mine. Don’t worry boyfriends! It was a girl – no cheating unless it’s an opposite sex, right? Hehe! Joking!

Gow Lille

Towards the second part of the night Serezha got pretty drunk and was working some girls while some Brazilian boobs…oops? Did I say boobs? I means girls! were working Dima. I have a proof!

Serezha Gaga

Dima and the girls

Then came Gow’s entourage and things heated up. Luckily I was on my 8th Corona and everything was happy and blurry! ^-^ Thanks to a magical ukon that Lille introduced me to I had no hangover the next morning. It’s a thing you drink before drinking to avoid all the “Oops, I did it again” moments. The only downside of it – you stay awake for a long time! On my 40th hour of being awake I was a walking zombie!

Me and Gow

All in all it was a great party! As to which one of these girls I kissed – that’s the secret I’ll never tell! ^-^



The 31st of October has started pretty spooky to me with a project deadline at 7PM and tons of tasks to get done in between 3 horrifying regular meetings where you can play games on ipod and noone gives a damn but which you cant skip or else.. So I was very frustrated when after days of hard work and 5 minutes before I was to leave for the party my boss has asked me to do the dirty job as well – match each image to its Japanese name and file name and save each of them on server. So it took me another hour which blew my chances to do the hair and makeup for the party. I ended up being hour and a half late but luckily I made it and I had a great time!

Garthe & Lille

Every year my gals are having different costumes so it’s always fun to see who’s wearing what. Dalrae, Heijin and me went costumer shopping on thursday. Big advice – never buy a costume in Japanese store. You can’t try it on and it costs 100$+ without accessories. I checked the same costumes on ebay and guess what, they don’t even cost 20$ plus the variety is ridiculous.

Heijin and me

Anyway, Dalrae was picking sexy nurse costumes – a real nightmare for her boyfriend who was trying to persuade her to go with Alice in wonderland or Red riding hood. Last time I saw them, they were buying doctor and nurse sets but then they came dressed as red cupid and a dracula so dunno what happened there….^-^ They looked hot though!


I was dressed as a maid, serving everyone and trying to dust off my sluttish friends ( didn’t work..). ^-^ I had my halloween pet Mr. Muffins with me but traded it off to Lille for a neon wrist band. ^-^