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Pay it forward

Pay it forward is the concept I am trying to teach my son. Be kind to those around you and the kindness you give will come back to you in your time of need. Be generous, be charitable, share what you have with others. My father made jar banks for me and my brother when we were young. We carefully saved one coin at a time for ages till they got filled. Once they were full, we took them to a bank and donated everything to those who needed it more than us. I made the same jar for my son.

Right now, there are a lot of people suffering in Nepal and we can all do something to ease their transitions back to normal lives. What can one person do? Not much. But together we can bring the change they need. How much will it cost you? A cup of coffee at Starbucks, a bottle of beer you buy at a convenient store, a magazine you read and then throw in the trash. 10, 5 even 1$ will matter. And if you don’t trust those big corporations with lots of hired employees, marketing campaigns etc. trust volunteers, those who do it for free. There is a small organization that does on-site help, buying food, rebuilding, catering to the immediate needs of those who suffered. They are not receiving salaries, they will not use your money for their own benefits. Check out their page and hopefully donate your one cup of Starbucks today. Personal diary of the volunteer

And if you are thinking of volunteering yourself, sending your old stuff to Nepal, here is an article that I found very insightful.

I personally trust big organizations like Doctors without borders, Unicef, Oxfam etc because they have experience and the appropriate channels for an immediate relief but the real people like they ones that created Nepali by heart foundation are doing the same job, just on a smaller scale, providing based on what people need in their particular situations. So don’t hesitate to contact them for more information, donate, volunteer and  spread the news! Share their website on your social channels. Pay it forward. God bless you.