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BAM! – Gow’s birthday live at Lega

It became a tradition for Gow to do a live performance on her birthday. Last year, it was incredibly good but this year it was even better. At some point while watching her, I thought to myself – who is this girl? She can easily give Beyonce run for her money. Not only it was a full 2 hour live performance, it was accompanied with a specially made movie that connected each song into a story and it had a bunch of different dancers – Latin, Indian, hip hop and even pole dancers!! There were other musicians too like Girls’ talk and a team of beat boxers.

BAM live at Lega

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Picnic at Yoyogi park

I wrote this post at the end of December last year but never got to publish it. I never get to finish things these days. Even when I have a little bit of free time I choose to sleep because I am so tired.. hehe Oh well, better late than never. ^-^

So, I get to stay at home a lot lately and it’s winter and it’s cold and it’s getting dark way too quickly. When I hear 5PM chime outside my window, I have this sad tightening feeling in my chest that another day has past and I haven’t done much.. Taking care of a newborn is tough because it turns your whole world upside down and requires a lot of getting used to. Not that I mind feeding and burping and changing diapers. I actually enjoy all that. But I miss terribly my other activities, especially going out and meeting my friends… I was going through some old pics today while the little one was sleeping and stumbled upon this picnic photos we took during Golden Week this year. I never got to publish them and now it’s kind of too late but I decided to do it anyway. It’s nice to look back at the beginning of my pregnancy and see how it was. That picnic day was actually when I told my girlfriends I was pregnant. We had such a nice time. It was funny how they immediately swooped the bags with food and drinks out of my hands and then didn’t allow me to carry anything heavy the entire day. ^-^

That’s my favorite picnic food from Tokyu food court in Shibuya. All these shops have been there since I moved to Japan. In Tokyo everything changes with the speed of light yet my favorite gyoza and croquette shops are still there after all these years. It just tells you how delicious the stuff is. People keep coming back for more keeping the business alive.

That day, Gow chan brought Buddy with her. He loves eating his snacks on someone’s lap. ^-^

Sakura in Japan blooms in April but this particular kind is late, blooming in the beginning of May. Shibuya has a lot of such trees. That’s another thing that I miss.. I moved to another ward this year after living in Shibuya for 10 years. Third of my life I have been living in this crazy Tokyo neighbourhood that never sleeps. I used to live in an apartment building that had Meiji street – the biggest longest street in Tokyo on one side and train track on the other side. City noise was constant and I got used to listening to the sound of traffic and train when falling asleep. Now, I hear the singing of birds in the morning. It is very nice but it is so different. Sometimes, I wake up because it is too silent. Crazy! ^-^


Genez gigs at Las Chicas and Vanity

Happy New Year everyone! I have been traveling like crazy lately, 6 flights in one week so writing a blog has been the last thing on my mind but here I am and I have a lot to catch up on. First things first – here is my report on two of Genez live performances in December.

The first one took place at a very chic bar in Aoyama called Las Chicas. Gow and Michael performed for the Charity event dedicated to raise funds for Ghana children. Thanks to the organizer – David, his uncle Pop and others the school construction is almost completed.

You can check more details about fundraiser here:

Besides Genez, there were also performers from Africa, plus David himself sang a couple of his original songs. The whole event was filmed by Lara Perez Takagi and Megumi Nishikura – young film directors from the US who are making a documentary on the lives and identity problems of mixed kids in Japan. The film is called “Hafu” which means “half” and you can watch a preview here:

They were filming African band performance when everyone including me started dancing in front of the stage which got us all into the movie as accidental extras, hehe. ^-^

Then I discovered the best organic Shea butter soap sold in the lobby.. If I happen to find that shop’s business card in the pile of junk that is my room, I’ll post it here. ^-^

Then, Gow had her biggest event of the year 2010 – “Music shower” at Roppongi’s one and only “Vanity”.

She had dancers and live band and a brand new music video, plus she looked absolutely amazing. I really hope they will release an album this year.

Surprisingly, there were an awful lot of Russians there. Either Pop has invited his whole model agency in or Gow has a lot of friends called Natasha…^-^

Burlesque premiere in Tokyo

Two days ago, Gow invited me to the Tokyo premiere of Burlesque – Cristina Aguilera’s first movie. She, together with one of my favorite actresses Kristen Bell came to Roppongi hills to walk the red carpet and give a welcome speech before the movie. We were sitting close to the stage so when I saw Kristen, sporting gorgeous Azzaro dress from spring 2011 collection, all cute and giggly and joking around while others gave their speeches, I couldn’t help but scream “I love you!”. Guess, what? She screamed back at me, in her cute Gossip girl voice “I love you, too!”. I was so excited, I ate half of my popcorn bucket before the movie even started! ^-^

This was my favorite routine in the whole movie. Cristina was sooooo good, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Last time I saw her performing for the American idol’s finale, she was quite out of form (or rather too much form) but in the movie, she was slim and sexy and very natural. There were no  “ah, another singer is trying to be an actress!” moments. I am usually quite judgmental on that part but I have nothing bad to say about Cristina’s performance. I loved her!!! And the fashion in the movie was sick! I have never seen such gorgeous burlesque costumes before. The movie director portrayed a woman in all her glory and all I could think of while watching it was “Yeah, we girls rock”.

After the movie, we got reunited with Dante and Taylor in the cinema lobby (they were sitting a few rows away from us). We got fabulous gift bags with OPI products – two super cute nail polishes and a makeup pouch. Then, Gow and the boys went for dinner with people who gave us all tickets and I went to see Dalrae who kept mailing me and asking to join her.

Chie’s little brother was having a party in a small bar near Roppongi crossing that later moved to Ritz Carlton suite where some of his friends from Seoul were staying. That’s the view to Akasaka from the suite’s window – breathtaking.

So basically, my “I’ll stay for one drink” plan turned into three hours non-stop drinking games – 4 bottles of champagne and two bags of beer and I think vodka (that’s right, buzz was being measured by a bag). Koreans are crazy, that’s for sure. They can drink almost as much as Russians.

Here are some of the first half an hour pictures when we all still looked quite OK. ^-^ There were 5 Korean boys, 2 of whom at some point disappeared into the other room to work (IT engineers never sleep and are always available despite the loud party going on in the other room).

Then, there were Dalrae and her sister Caroline, Dalrae’s Japanese friend of Korean descent and somebody’s girlfriend, also Korean. So, to sum up there were 9 Koreans and me – now if that’s not a perfect blend-in, I don’t know what is! ^-^

As for the contents of Korean drinking games, my lips are sealed. Let’s just say, at the end of the evening, I got myself a cute Korean girlfriend. ^-^

Genez at Shibuya O-east

Yesterday Genez were performing at Shibuya O-east as a part of a charity project called “Shake forward”. Their 15 minutes gig was a huge success and really raised a bar for all the other artists performing after them. They opened with a brand new song I never heard before and then did a booty shaking “Bungee jump” and then their single “One step”. Check out my other youtube videos for all three songs.

Genez and girls

After that we had dinner at Outback, just us girls talking about our girly stuff (Victoria’s secret and strawberries…yeah right). Recently boyfriends are always around so we haven’t had an opportunity like that to just ditch everyone and badmouth them behind their backs! Ok, joking..well, almost! ^-^

Girls at Outback