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Alexander Wang x H&M shopping party

Yesterday, H&M Japan invited me to a long-anticipated Alexander Wang x H&M shopping event. This collaboration made a lot of buzz this year. Everyone I know was on edge trying to sneak a peak at the new collection and then of course get their hands on it too.

In my mind, I pictured a lot of soft jersey basics that Alexander Wang is famous for, or at least his T line. I did not expect a full-blown neoprene and everything sportswear collection or the fact that I would like it more than the anticipated jerseys. ^-^

The party didn’t need any warmup. Upon entering, people immediately went down to business. Pictures? Later! I need to have my boxing gloves and leather backpack! So the best of the stuff was grabbed pretty quickly. First went the shoes, then the bags and cutout dresses, then the rest of the stuff. By the end of the shopping spree there were only empty hangers left. I can only imagine what will happen on the 6th of November when the collection becomes available worldwide. Brace yourselves brave people of H&M. Winter is coming!












To say that there were a lot of recognizable faces there would be an understatement. There were more celebrities than the ordinary folks and that is considering the fact that I don’t know any of those Johnny’s and AKB youngsters.. Models, actors, singers, talents, photographers, bloggers, PR gurus, fashion stylists, fashion entrepreneurs and did I mention models? Lots of models! ^-^


I could finally meet Emi Renata – the gorgeous tall model in a tank top dress. She was very bubbly just like on her pictures. I loved her energy.





My favorite VERY model and writer Yoshiko Kriss-Web was as always stunning. She told me that Tim Burton was in town!!! What is the Halloween night without the Halloween king? ^-^ Tonight is promising to be very spooky! Happy Halloween everyone!






Misha Janette – Tokyo fashion icon, recently did an amazing editorial piece on her blog Tokyo Fashion Diaries. Be sure to check it out.


PR girls – full of energy despite a super long day!



Another model I adore is Viviene Sheep – New Zealand raised Taipei girl with a very memorable face. She was very friendly and so calm in the midst of all that shopping craziness. Next to her is Rinrin – model/vlogger and the only Japanese girl I know who speaks flawless English. ^-^


This is Matsu-you, one of the only Japanese fashion bloggers I know who can make a living out of being a fashion blogger.


I ended up buying less that I would have hoped for because the stuff went pretty quickly but here are a couple of things I was lucky enough to snatch.





White tank top 3490

Black jeans 11990

Bikini top and bottom 6490

The collection is going to be available from 6th of November nationwide. Go choose your camping spot now because if you think you can just walk in the doors on that day and have your picks, think again. ^-^ I am not even going to try even though I would love to get a couple of other pieces.. Let the hunger games begin!



Fashion’s night out Tokyo 2012

Vogue Fashion’s night out in Tokyo is getting better every year. Of course nothing can top off the last year when 17 Vogue editors came and brought along designers, celebrities and bloggers from all over the world but it was a special one time event to show support to Japan after what happened in March. This year, nobody major came but nevertheless the shops went out of their way to organize fun events, stamp rallies, contests all the while offering free drinks and food to its visitors. Many also offered limited edition merchandise – FNO-related novelty goods (Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs) as well as one of  a kind items you could buy only then and there (Gucci). Japanese girls absolutely love “gentei” – limited time thingies so those were selling out pretty fast.

Moncler window display

This year, I stayed mainly to the South-East of Omotesando area visiting Issey Miyake, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Theory and Roberto Cavalli. I skipped opening ceremony at Omotesando hills because it is the same every year with the same hosts and the same celebrities but here are a couple of pictures taken by my friend’s fiance. ^-^

Van Cleef & Arpels reception at Omotesando Hills (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

FNO opening ceremony at Omotesando Hills (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

Armani store on Omotesando street

New Bao Bao bag at Issey Miyake store. I am in love with this bag. I have it in white and absolutely love it. It gives such an edge to whatever outfit I choose to wear. I have been using this bag every day this summer and never ever did it not go with what I was wearing. I am seriously considering getting the pink one too now. ^-^ By the way, Bao Bao bags are only available in Japan for now but if any of you guys want it, I can help you get it. Contact me at

Dior, Chanel, Bulgari and Maison Martin Margiela stores, Omotesando street

Yayoi Kusama window display at Louis Vuitton. The wax figure is really freaky. It is so detailed, you can see oily pores on her skin and facial hair.. She is one strange lady but I don’t question her artistic sense. However unusual her designs are, they do make an amazing impact. Nobody went past Luis Vuitton without peaking inside. ^-^

Yayoi Kusama closeup (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

Ralph Lauren Rugby window display

In front of Gucci I ran into Gervin – my stylish friend from Philippines. He was as always full of positive energy.

Tommy Hilfiger window display at Tokyu plaza in Harajuku

Sergey and me in front of Dior store in Omotesando

Belvedere bar at Marc Jacobs flagship store in Omotesando

Beautiful MJ bags that we could take photos with. Marc Jacobs store offered a free photo session with Keiichi Nitta as part of their FNO celebration.

On the second floor, Tokyo Dandy organized a creative workshop. Everyone had an opportunity to customize US Vogue’s September issue cover with Lady Gaga on it wearing gorgeous Marc Jacobs gown. Me and Sergey immediately decided to go with a Russian theme. He made a really corky matryoshka out of Lady Gaga and I did this. Mine is not very creative but it was just for fun. ^-^

Then, I run into Marni, my New York friend who works at Marc Jacobs. She was wearing the cutest and most original skirt I have ever seen. I just wanted to keep touching it. ^-^

In front of MJ I also met Anna – Russian jewelry designer and model. She is amazing. I so wished to be wearing heels though when I was taking this picture with her. ^-^

At Prada, I ran into some more friends – two Russian models and my fashion friends Elly and Chiemi.

At Roberto Cavalli I met with Meg – my Japanese model friend and multitalented Misha Janette who as always was so dazzling and so sweet.

Models at Roberto Cavalli

Gorgeous Roberto Cavalli gowns

I finally bought new Roberto Cavalli’s perfume. The smell is incredible. I love it so much!

Corona beer bar at James Perse (photo taken by Matthew Chong)

Thanks to FNO my wish list doubled in length. ^-^ Now in addition to everything I need to buy at I also have to get Bao Bao bag in pink, purple Theory sweater and new MJ wallet because my present one is literally falling into pieces. Good thing my birthday is coming which means it is time to make some strategic suggestions to my family. ^-^

I’m out, please leave a message…

I had a great weekend in the company of my wonderful friends. On Friday, I met a Russian friend from Osaka who came to Tokyo for a job interview. In Japan, you start looking for a job a year before graduation. After receiving an official “promise” of a job, you go back to school for your final year. Don’t know if this system has any advantage but that’s what it is. When you graduate, you already know where you will be working. ^-^

That night was particularly cold in Tokyo. A mixture of hail, snow and rain made it extremely unpleasant to be outside so we were seeking refuge in cafes all evening. It’s funny how you hate being outside when it’s snowing but once you are inside with a cup of hot coffee in your hands, your perspective changes completely and suddenly you are in love with the silent white motion outside.

We were talking about business and opportunities and how it is very challenging to have something of your own in Russia. There are so many barriers for having your own business, so much shit you have to deal with.. I wonder if there will be time when all of the atrocities are gone and you can freely take your chances based on your abilities and not on your relationship with those who abuse their power…

The next day, I met with Sergey, my other Russian friend for a day in Odaiba – my favorite place in Tokyo. We checked a new photo exhibition at Gallery 21 It’s tiny but free and has a few very powerful works so if you are nearby, go check it out.

After that, we went to the movies to see  “Incredibly loud and extremely close” which was amazingly good. That child should be given every award out there for his outstanding performance.

On our way back home, we also checked one of Seibu’s “Art meets life” exhibitions called Power people by Leslie Kee -a collection of photographs of influential people who became big in Japan. There, we discovered a portrait of Tokyo-based stylist Misha Janette whom I met at Tokyo’s fashion night out last year. There was also a really cool photo-booth that took pics and then automatically uploaded them to the Facebook page. ^-^

In the evening, I met with Gow, Barbie and Shelly in Nihonbashi for dinner. I cherish these moments when my busiest friends’ schedule align and we get the opportunity to meet. ^-^ Sometimes, I just NEED to have girls’ talk to be able to relax and get my positive energy back. Although yesterday our main topic of conversation was Obama care and crooked teeth. ^-^

Today, I met with Gervin – my new friend from Philippines I met at Roberto Cavalli’s opening party last year. He is writing a very successful fashion blog and is cute as a button. He showed me his secret cafe in Harajuku which was so cozy and beautiful, it’s gonna be my favorite too. Then, we checked MoMA store for useless but nice little artsy things and then drooled a little over Issey Miyake’s origami bags. I am still thinking which one to buy.. It’s so hard to pick a color knowing they can release new ones at any minute.

Before going home, we did our last stop at Uniqlo to stock on Heat-tech because let’s face it – the calendar winter is about to end but it is still so freaking cold outside and it looks like it’s gonna be that way for while.