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One fine day..

My friend from work collects vintage cameras and whenever he buys a new one, he tests it on me. Usually, we just go outside of our office during lunch time and take some photographs. This camera was pretty old, the one you have to look at from the top. It takes nice vintage photographs and I just love the softness of light it captures. Here are a couple of shots he took of me and my friend Sachi right before we went on New Year’s holidays. ^-^

Photographed by Hiro

Lens:Carl Zeiss Planar 1:2.8/80

Photoshoot for Lirio d’agua

Last week, I was invited to participate in a photoshoot for a new clothing line called “Lirio d’agua” which means “Water lily” in Portuguese. The brand belongs to a very sweet and whimsical Japanese artist Akino whom I was introduced to by my friend Laura. We’ve met several times in the past, mainly at Laura’s live performances but I never thought that she’d remember me… But she did and she asked me to be one of the girls to model for her.

The clothing line has a great concept. All the garments are made out of men t-shirts so it’s recycle fashion which I am a big fan of. Plus all the pieces are in black, gray and off-white palette which is hello!!! so me! I really enjoyed that day especially because Laura was behind the camera and because everyone was so sweet!!

Here is one of my favorite Akino’s songs

Le Qualite shooting

A few weeks ago Gow got me a job modeling for Le Qualite look book. The concept was very me – a spring innocent fairy with a dark side hidden behind her reflection. The idea was to shoot two images – one light and bubbly and the other one dark and earthy and then combine them into one as if I and my evil twin were touching each other’s hands through a mirror. The hair and makeup were crazy! I had 8cm long nail extensions and hair that became a part of my costume. My second look – a dark forest creature had me wear a very heavy wig with dirt and spiderweb on it. I looked really scary and probably did scare a couple of people on my way from dressing room to a photo studio. I really got into a character with the second look and I can’t wait to see the pictures. They are not ready yet but I got this one snapshot of my first bubbly rainbow look that I took with my stylist and concept creator Hiroki.

Me and Hiroki

And here are the final pictures that I could get my hands on. ^-^

GW in Odaiba

With so much work lately I didn’t have time to update my blog but better late than never finally I found couple of minutes to upload these photos that my friend Hiro took of me in Odaiba during GW.

I really love them because they are so bright and happy! We took some of them on the decks and the other ones in the flower field not far from Venus Fort.

I love field flowers. I spent my childhood summers camping and my favourite activity was running away to the fields and just laying down on the grass, looking at the sky and breathing hot summer air mixed with sweet scents of poppies, clover and corflowers… Hmm, I had a happy childhood..what’s wrong with me!

Snowflake & gypsy

Me and Gow chan had a shooting yesterday. I had this beautiful white makeup with Swarovski stones that made me look like a frozen snowflake! I really liked it coz I have never tried anything like that before. Gow chan had disco gypsy kind of look which was so perfect for her! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!!!ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Nat and Gow modeling as Snowflake and gypsy

Some decades later, here is the final picture.

Picture perfect!

Finally I got my chance to make profile pictures with Takaaki Henmi – famous photographer who took all those beautiful pictures of Laura and Mia. I really enjoyed working with him! ^-^

My portrait

This picture was his 2007 New Year holiday card. We went with winter snow theme. He used blue filter and lots and lots of light. ^-^

My portrait (snow theme)

This is me dancing in my mother’s evening gown. ^-^

Me dancing