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YSL Volupte tint-in-oil launch party

Last Saturday, I went to a launch party of YSL Beauty newest product Volupte tint-in-oil lip gloss and lipstick. It was held at a cozy Montoak restaurant in Omotesando.



I was so lucky to be invited among other bloggers, models, artists, stylists, fashion editors and PR mavens. This is the third time I go to YSL beauty launch event and I am always surprised at how different they are. It was a little bit crowded but even with the lack of space, PR team managed to organize fun interactive games, a social media print station and makeup booths to try new product right there and then. I really liked the new lip gloss and the fact that it stayed on all evening. I was super excited to find it in my gift bag. The lip gloss comes in 8 fun spring colors and lipstick has additional 2 limited edition colors. The product is on sale since last Friday. :)










I met cool new people – Brasilian artist Yohan, beautiful models Juliana Minato and Kelly Ann and a sweetheart Taro who is joining Issey Miyake team from April. There were a lot of familiar faces too – Barby, Maya Kibbel, gorgeous youtube vloggers Nakagawa Yuri, Miki, Rinrin doll and Amiaya twins. And of course I came with my own gang of Tokyo’s coolest – PR goddesses Eri, Cecile, talented illustrator Adrian and charismatic Polish model Alexa.  Thank you guys for amazing time as always and Kozue san for the gracious invitation.
















Maybelline NY Tokyo Fashion Week SS2015 after party

Maybelline NY is one of the main sponsors of Tokyo Fashion Week and a really generous one. Every time I went to a runway show that was supported by the brand, I got a gift bag full of cosmetics from their latest line. And the Halloween themed after party they threw for the closing of the Fashion Week was better than ever. It was at the trendy Le Baron de Paris club and almost every face was a familiar one. Thanks to the brand, over the past few years I met a lot of interesting people and made some good friends.

At the party, all the guests were treated to amazing spooky makeovers. I got a spiderweb with two cute spiders from one of the very skillful artists working that night.








The party as well as all the runway shows were sponsored by Dassai sparkling sake. I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to. The CEO of the company was so charming (I met him at the sponsor booth of Tiger Onitsuka runway show). I just always associate sake with Washyoku – Japanese food. I can’t quite make myself drink it in a sparkling state at a party. Sake for me should come in a warm cup on a New Year’s morning with me sitting under Kotatsu (low table with a built-in heater) and eating Osechi (traditional Japanese New Year’s spead). ^-^ I am sorry but some traditions shouldn’t be modernized. ^-^



That day, I lost my favorite Comptoir des Cotonniers jacket. It is a very sad story. I saw the jacket for the first time at a preview during press days last December.  Then, I saw it again at the CdC event later this year. I tried it on and I fell in love with it right away.


I patiently waited for the summer sale to snatch it, then vigorously hunted the right size down and at last bought it at half off. But I had to wait some more before I could start wearing it. When at last chilly autumn days came I was in heaven. I put my jacket on and fell in love with it all over again. It was so comfy and it went with everything I own.. I wore it for exactly 3 times before losing it somewhere on the street. It fell off my stroller and I didn’t notice because I was carrying my son in a carrier that blocked my vision.. I was planning to wear it with my Derek Lam dress for the Maybelline party later that day but had to change the entire look at the last minute. The good thing is, I always have another Comptoir des Cotonniers jacket to wear instead of the one I lose. ^-^ The bad thing is, I still miss it madly. I keep searching for it on eBay and Yahoo auction but so far no luck. If any of you dear readers happen to come across this jacket, please do let me know!


Back to the party.  My friend Adrian who never leaves home without a drawing pad was entertaining the party by randomly drawing everyone he spoke to – amazing talent! Events should start paying him money! ^-^


I made some new friends there thanks to the relaxing atmosphere of the party, including Mathieu – the founder of Tokyo street style magazine. (we are about to do an exciting project together)


Samantha – a very friendly and elegant model and Jillian Kate – Nylon blogger/model and stylist – both from California.








Thank you Maybelline again and again for the wonderful time and precious memories.

YSL beaute Lumiere Passion release party

Last Saturday, my friend Eri graciously invited me to the launch party of YSL beaute newest product line Lumiere passion. Within the line, the brand has released a new color just for the Asian market – pearly pink that highlights and beautifies the face. I am a big fan of their legendary Radiant touch concealer and the newly released Radiant touch or rose highlighter compliments it the best. I was excited to receive it as well as the new makeup base highlighter Le teint touche eclat or rose in my gift bag. It really makes the face look younger by inviting the light in with its light reflecting pearl powder. I had the opportunity to test it right there at the party makeup salon that was served by an army of professional makeup artists. I learned how to apply the concealer and the highlighter to feature my face the best. You can check this video from YSL for some useful tips.


The party was held at Tokyo’s prestige Maxim’s de Paris salon in Ginza. At the entrance, we each got a YSL sticker tattoo. Eri decided to have hers on her neck. ^-^


Besides me, she also invited two other friends – fashionable French ladies. They were both extremely elegant and friendly.




By the way, Cara Delevingne is the face of YSL beaute this year. I really love her ability to transform from a goofy girl into a lady with impeccable style and manners.


The party was more intimate this time, with dark setting and less people. All the guests were looking very Parisian, sometimes the attitude matched as well. ^-^ There were a lot of makeup stands where anyone can not only try the new product but also receive a makeup session and advice from professional artists.







Miki was very animated during her makeup session. I love her fearless attitude.



Supercupmatcha model/DJ/blogger was working at the event that night.


The DJs were all amazingly beautiful. Ueno Arisa



Joe and Dan from




We all tried the new makeup on and then posed for a group photo. ^-^



By the way, it is the first time for me to have my hair up in a pony tail since… let’s see.. never! I don’t know why but I somehow wanted to try it.. I don’t think it suits me at all.. My body proportions are weird so hiding my freakishly small head with lots of hair is my only option to look normal. Pony tail? Never again..


And sometimes, in the modern world of #hashtags, a scene like that is not uncommon. Everyone is so busy instagramming, we come together but end up being alone the entire evening.. I remember Quiterie telling me to put down my phone..hehe Oh well, that’s the reality now. If you are not on the timeline of the event, it’s like you were never there.. :/



Thank you Kozue san for the amazing party and thank you Eri for inviting me to it.

Fireworks in Odaiba

Last night, a friend of mine invited me over to Odaiba to watch Tokyo bay fireworks from the roof of her apartment building. Fireworks are held every week in mid-summer as part of long lasting tradition along with joining Matsuri (local festival) and wearing yukata (summer kimono). There are several major areas in Tokyo that produce beautiful fireworks shows but Tokyo bay is the most famous one because it is held against the breathtaking backdrop of Tokyo skyline with Rainbow bridge and Tokyo tower.

In Japan, every time you gather to view something, whether it is cherry blossoms, full moon, red leaves or fireworks, you throw a big party with food and drinks and then quickly forget the main reason for gathering after your second chu-hai (Japanese fruity alcohol drink). ^-^ Me and the girls decided to postpone the drinks till after the fireworks and focus on getting beautiful for the occasion.

I wanted to rent yukata in Shibuya’s famous “Aki” shop but apparently so did many others so the dresser was completely out of any by the time I called them. Fortunately, Hitomi found yukata for each of us and I got the prettiest one with yellow obi. ^-^ Gow took lessons in “kitsuke” – kimono dressing and has a license to perform it on other people (yeah, it is not that easy to dress someone in kimono, a lot of skill is required). She quickly wrapped all of us in yukata and arranged our “obi” – sashes in pretty bows.

Last year, the biggest fireworks event in Tokyo was canceled due to Fukushima crisis in efforts to save energy. This year, they went ballistic with 90 minutes non-stop procession of one blast after another. It was absolutely amazing. Each time the volley exploded in the air, the whole city turned either purple red or ghostly green. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the best moments with my camera, but here are some.

We were watching fireworks from the 33rd floor of tower building. It was guarded with fences and there were people in front of us who got their spots in the morning so I couldn’t get close enough to exclude the fence from my pictures but it didn’t bother us to watch fireworks. Some volleys went so high in the sky, they were half covered by the clouds. ^-^ The effect was amazing, like an alien ship appearing suddenly out of nowhere.

Our friend Lille got engaged last week so we were celebrating her engagement as well. The proposal was so romantic, there were a lot of Awwwwwws in the air. ^-^

It took place at Marina Bay hotel’s poolside in Singapore, that’s why our bubbly was blue. ^-^ Congratulations Lille for getting engaged to a really cool guy at the most trendiest spot in South-East Asia. ^-^



Autumn is the birthday season for me and the majority of my friends, we are all surprisingly born between the middle of August and the middle of December so this particular time of year, we get to party every few weeks.

After my brother’s, my husband’s, my father’s, Zhenya’s, Dalrae’s, Sergey’s and a couple of other friends’ birthdays, Gow’s was next on the line. ^-^ We chose a nice terrace restaurant “Denrokuen-tei” at the top floor of Parco in Shibuya. It served really tasty Japanese food and a great variety of cocktails.

In Tokyo, there aren’t many open space restaurants so you really have to try hard to get a table there but luckily this time we could easily make reservations and get the best possible table right in the middle of the roof, surrounded by small water pools.

Every year, I get Gow a new “Birthday” accessory and every year she absolutely hates it! It’s so much fun to torture her like that! ^-^

After Parco, we moved to a Spanish bar called “Casa del Bueno” which served an amazing carpaccio. We had a couple of bottles of wine and ate like ten plates of meat. ^-^ The atmosphere of the restaurant was great, my recommendation to anyone who is looking for a cozy place in the chaotic Shibuya!

Next birthday was mine. After having so much fun during my birthday week, I didn’t have the energy for a big party so this time it was just me and my girls.  At first I wanted to celebrate it at the Opening ceremony’s potluck cafe but the place looked too huge and too cold for a small company so I settled on the good old Demode queen terrace cafe.

Mia’s birthday was the next day after mine so we celebrated it together. ^-^

Plus, I finally got to meet Lucy – my new friend from Scotland who speaks perfect Russian and I mean perfect! I met her at an audition and for the first 10 minutes we talked, I was sure she was some chick from Moscow. ^-^ Then, she told me she was Scottish – I couldn’t believe my ears. Shame on me for wasting my life writing blogs when I could use the time to study harder..

After getting drank with tons of really bad mojito we finished the evening at the S bar, my recently favorite hangout! Where else would you get 500 yen lemon beer at a terrace bar that has its own DJ?

Then, there was Jiye’s birthday which we celebrated at my place. She came together with her husband and I also invited Dalrae to introduce my two best Korean friends to each other.

I cooked a nice Russian dinner – cutlets with mushroom sauce, baked potato and green salad with sour cream. We drank crazy Japanese cocktails from cans and talked about all things Korea. It was a lot of fun.

Who is next? The rest of my friends! ^-^

Laura DJing @ Womb

Laura DJ @ Womb

Nothing is impossible for Laura! Singing, costume designing, modeling, making movies, acting, DJing? No problem. Her multi talent has no limit and she never fails to surprise me. Last week she invited as all out to her party at Womb where she was performing as well. It was great, so natural and energetic.

Gals @ Womb

There was a fashion show too. Some young aspiring designer and 150cm tall Japanese models hehe. No but they were cute and who said a model has to be tall? Tiny models can do it just as good. :) Here is their picture!

Womb models

Sarah and Alberto’s wedding

Last friday Sarah and Alberto got married, yay! It was such a big surprise – thank you very much for not telling me till two days before the wedding! I cancelled all my friday appointments, grabbed cheese and wine ( yeah Sarah is French so beer and chips is a no-no! ) and went to Mita to their cozy home party!

It was a very rare these days, good home party with lots of good drinks, home made Italian cooking and cigars! Not that I’m smoking but bathing in the fumes certainly made me go nuts after my first glass of wine! Me, Mina and Gow created a “happy dance” !!! It’s a 30 seconds (you physically can’t do it more) of the craziest, most bizarre, look-at-me-im-freak dance with silly face and nerdy moves. Somebody got it on camera so I’m planning on making it to the top 10 on youtube this year!

Then there was also some guy whom I called Anna by mistake and he took it pretty bad calling me George all evening. ^-^

During bouquette catching I was in the front position pushing Gow, Mina and some terribly confused guys aside. I was so close to catching it but at the last moment a girl named Olga grabbed it instead of me. Yeah, she was also Russian – the competition was tough. But I managed to break her mobile phone on our way back home so we’re even! ^-^