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Salsa class in Akasaka

 studio salsa

Yesterday I asked my friend Hiro to take some pictures during our salsa class in Akasaka studio. Unfortunately he could only stay for the warm up and didn’t shoot the actual dance but anyway I like the pictures.

 Nat studio 

I was very happy to find out that my new straight perm can withhold sweat because usually my hair doubles in size in rain, sweat and humid weather. I have yet to test it in over the top humidity but Im going to Hong Kong in two weeks which is famous for almost all year long unbearable sweating. Luckily in Japan it’s only humid in summer. ^-^

Alberto studio

Salsa event @ Shibuya O-east

Alberto and Mika 

My salsa teacher Alberto performed at pro and semi pro dance event in Shibuya O-east. Some of our class members were also there dancing in a group choreography which was stunning. The event was sponsored by Casino dance school where Alberto taught till recently so it was all a bit too over sponsored, targetting new souls and selling dance DVDs and outfits but nontheless the dances were great and Alberto’s was the best! So powerful and strong!!! I wish I could dance like that one day…

 Alberto and me

I learned that my recent salsa partner Shu is in a pro rank. He had a solo couple performance and it was very good! ^-^

This is my salsa team : Gow, Sarah ( teacher) and Mina (teacher)

Nat, Gow, Sarah, Mina

My salsa classes

 Salsa class

I’m very proud of myself because I’ve been taking salsa lessons for a year now. That doesn’t sound like me at all. I usually get bored with everything so quickly! And yet I’ve been dancing for a year and I love it! I still suck at it though because I don’t have a regular partner and have to learn the temp and lead of like 10 different guys each time. But now it’s much easier for me to remember all those human pretzel movements that we learn every week so I stopped being so concious about new steps. They all have same patterns : you tangle your hands to the breaking point while moving your legs in the same pattern around your partner. When I get it right it’s the best feeling! I was never good at any kinds of sports so salsa makes me feel real good about myself, hehe..

 Salsa teachers

These are my two teachers Sarah and Alberto. They are unbelievably good but always fight about which song to play because Sarah teaches beginners and wants to have a slow temp melody while Alberto teaches second level of beginners and wants us to die from dehydration with his fast temp salsa and tricky feet movements. One of these days they are so gonna break that poor poor ipod..^-^


This is me and Gow having a small break in between routines. After yesterday’s class we were so tired and went straight to bed as soon as we got home. As always Alberto has no mercy on us..^-^ 

Nintendo Wii fit

Yep, as one of my 2008 resolutions states, this is the year I’m going to take care of my health and if going to the gym is too much to ask from me I can at least commit to exercises at home because …. I got Wii Fit!

 Wii Fit

 Yes, it’s a game but it really makes you work out! It scans your body and gives a detailed report on what needs to be fixed. Apparently I have problems with balance. The center of my body is shifted to the right heel and to fix that Wii Fit constructed a special program for me containing yoga, muscle expercises and balance games. I have gone through day one and oh my, I’m in pain! My muscles hurt and yesterday at salsa I thought I would faint from all the sweaty dancing I had to go through on top of my Fit program..Oh, the program also mentioned that I am too thin and need to gain weight to be more healthy. I don’t trust that part especially because I always feel bad and heavy when I gain extra weight.

 This is me and Gow chan right before going to salsa lesson. Alberto – our salsa instructor put us on a fast temp through the whole lesson with choreography I’ve never seen before..I really thought like I was high speeding for several kilometers after his torture class…

Hot like salsa!

And dare to say we’re not! ^-^
Yesterday’s evening was all about bum shaking!! I went to my first official lesson of Salsa at Roppongi’s club Baron. That was so great!!! In one hour me, Gow, Lille, Darlae (little Korean daredevil) and Lisa (French girl who looks like Alanis Morrissette) learned three basic steps (mambo, montura and rumba) and two cool thingies called Passiela (an underarm turn) and Dile que no which is cross body lead and quite essential for the Cuban salsa style.
And yes, we had to dance with the boys!!!(ノ>▽<。)ノ
Ah…yeah, you do! Somehow at first I thought that we will only learn some moves like in samba where you can dance in a group of many people and dont need to interact with anyone in particular! But salsa and especially cuban style salsa is apparently all about the interaction!
Of course I freaked at first but it turned out to be so much fun!!! I love dancing with the partner! Can’t wait to do it again!

On the photo that is me without any day long consumed calories! The girl with the hot body is our Salsa sensei Sarah!