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Ena’s birthday party

On Thursday, Eri and I went to a birthday party of Retoy’s editor-in-chief Ena Kitamura. Retoy’s is an online fashion magazine and one of the best sources on all fashion events happening around town. Besides being super stylish and full of energy, Ena is also intelligent and very down to earth. I feel like I can talk to her for hours. She looked amazing in her kimono as well as in a gorgeous party dress later in the night.





She had some amazing people DJing at the event. Supercup Matcha and


Benjamin from Bark in Style modeling agency. It turns out, I have a lot of friends in common with both of them. ^-^



At the party, I ran into a couple of friends of mine Takeshi – a chef at Kamakura French bistro RENDEZ-VOUS DES AMIS and Ken who organizes PR events around town. He is a great traveler. I spent like an hour talking to him about hot springs in Japan. He introduced me to his friend Mark who runs consulting company and has his own fashion label called Bohemian society. He is planning to show at New York’s fashion week this Autumn.



Eri was wearing an amazing Comptoir des Cotonniers leather vest from Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the one that I tried on at the preview last year.

We also happened to meet Yasuyo – super fun PR girl who is in charge of social media at Michael Kors. Michael Kors seems to invest a lot into social media. I remember back in 2011 when Anna Wintour came to Tokyo for FNO with a huge entourage of designers, models and international Vogue editors, he had his own Twitter assistant – someone whose entire job was to post Twitter updates as the event unrolled. ^-^


Thanks to Ena, I got to meet a lot of stylists, fashion media folks and models.




With some fashion people, I could tell right away who they are working for like in case of Satoshi Handa. Yep, that’s right, Alexander Wang.




Thank you Ena for the wonderful night. Happy birthday!!

Picnic at Yoyogi park

I wrote this post at the end of December last year but never got to publish it. I never get to finish things these days. Even when I have a little bit of free time I choose to sleep because I am so tired.. hehe Oh well, better late than never. ^-^

So, I get to stay at home a lot lately and it’s winter and it’s cold and it’s getting dark way too quickly. When I hear 5PM chime outside my window, I have this sad tightening feeling in my chest that another day has past and I haven’t done much.. Taking care of a newborn is tough because it turns your whole world upside down and requires a lot of getting used to. Not that I mind feeding and burping and changing diapers. I actually enjoy all that. But I miss terribly my other activities, especially going out and meeting my friends… I was going through some old pics today while the little one was sleeping and stumbled upon this picnic photos we took during Golden Week this year. I never got to publish them and now it’s kind of too late but I decided to do it anyway. It’s nice to look back at the beginning of my pregnancy and see how it was. That picnic day was actually when I told my girlfriends I was pregnant. We had such a nice time. It was funny how they immediately swooped the bags with food and drinks out of my hands and then didn’t allow me to carry anything heavy the entire day. ^-^

That’s my favorite picnic food from Tokyu food court in Shibuya. All these shops have been there since I moved to Japan. In Tokyo everything changes with the speed of light yet my favorite gyoza and croquette shops are still there after all these years. It just tells you how delicious the stuff is. People keep coming back for more keeping the business alive.

That day, Gow chan brought Buddy with her. He loves eating his snacks on someone’s lap. ^-^

Sakura in Japan blooms in April but this particular kind is late, blooming in the beginning of May. Shibuya has a lot of such trees. That’s another thing that I miss.. I moved to another ward this year after living in Shibuya for 10 years. Third of my life I have been living in this crazy Tokyo neighbourhood that never sleeps. I used to live in an apartment building that had Meiji street – the biggest longest street in Tokyo on one side and train track on the other side. City noise was constant and I got used to listening to the sound of traffic and train when falling asleep. Now, I hear the singing of birds in the morning. It is very nice but it is so different. Sometimes, I wake up because it is too silent. Crazy! ^-^


Dima’s birthday in Shibuya

Dima has turned 20 this weekend so we gathered up to celebrate it at a nice Italian restaurant in Shibuya and then in Camelot – Dima’s favorite club (yeah, I know kids but whatever, it was his birthday). Now, he can use his real ID to enter clubs, yay! Hopefuly, next time we can go somewhere classier like the Blacklist or Velours.

He brought his friends from guest house : two English teachers, two Russian girls and Americanized Brazilian guy – who was very funny. Rodion, Serezha and Yamada san also came so it was a fun party!

Rodion couldn’t find the place so I had to run in my little black dress almost all the way to the station to pick him up. Besides his usual weirdness he was already tipsy from another party. He brought “unagi pie” as a birthday present to Dima. For those who don’t know, unagi pie is a cookie that tastes like a french toast but that is made of unagi – fresh water eel. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac. I think Dima was quite offended with the present as he claims he has no problems in that area whatsoever. ^-^

In Russia, whenever we decide to have a birthday party, we pay for everything out of our own pocket. In Japan, guests are the ones paying for themselves and for you. They are also usually the ones organizing the party. All you have to do is show up, blow the candles and receive the presents.

Dima did his party Russian way so when I asked the English teachers for the money I was about to collect from everyone and pay for the food while he was in the toilet, they turned me down. I was quite embarrassed but also shocked. How could two 40 year old dudes let a 20 year old student pay for the entire dinner? I can never understand how loosing your face in front of everyone is less important than lousy 60 bucks you refuse to pay…

After dinner, we went up the hill to Camelot. Dima ran to the station to get some discount fliers for the entrance and me, Serezha, Yamada san and Rodion went to the bar next door for some tequila shots and Mohitos to wait for his return.

The bar was closing so they gave us 15 minutes to have our drinks and get out. Later, in the club I switched to beer again and that’s when my head started to spin. I got so drunk I thought club dancers were cute! Now, I look at the picture and think never, never drink beer after tequila. ^0^

The club had no pictures policy so of course I took as many as I could. I hate when clubs do that. I am taking a picture of me and my friends, why do I need to ask your permission to do that?

This is the last shot I took before turning green and leaving the party. Luckily, I recovered well the next day! ^-^

Laura DJing @ Womb

Laura DJ @ Womb

Nothing is impossible for Laura! Singing, costume designing, modeling, making movies, acting, DJing? No problem. Her multi talent has no limit and she never fails to surprise me. Last week she invited as all out to her party at Womb where she was performing as well. It was great, so natural and energetic.

Gals @ Womb

There was a fashion show too. Some young aspiring designer and 150cm tall Japanese models hehe. No but they were cute and who said a model has to be tall? Tiny models can do it just as good. :) Here is their picture!

Womb models

Gow’s birthday party

Organizing a secret birthday party for a friend is a great challenge that tests your life experience and social skills. Obviously I am yet to learn a lot. I wanted to make a perfect party for Gow and in my opinion didn’t do all that well. I have a big respect to all “kanji” who organize countless “nomikai” in my company. Gathering people in an organized event is painful, at least for me.

Anyway, I was more lucky than last year and could gather more people but they all showed up at the last minute and of course the place got too small for such party. We couldn’t move around and ended up talking to the people who sat next to us…I wish I thought this through and reserved an open space cafe or bar…Sitting at the table is not so exciting…

There was no space for presents and no way of opening them in front of everyone…I planned a great greeting card present with pictures of all the participants glued to it..Each participant was supposed to carry a heart shaped balloon with their names written on it and then write a message to Gow under the picture…The markers didn’t write on balloons, they took all the free space left, I forgot the glue at home and we ended up using scotch tape…It was the worst card I have ever made..It travelled without any supervision from hands to hands and the balance of free space and contents was horrible…

I’m so grateful that Gow knows how to have fun in any kind of situations and doesn’t care about such things..However me as organizer, I felt terrible…Even the “Happy birthday” hat that I got for her was a bad idea because she wore hippie style ribbon on her head..

The party itself was a lot of fun because many of Gow’s friends could come and there were some people that I haven’t seen for a year. ^-^ After the dinner we went to karaoke which Gow had to book for herself because I didn’t plan nijikai…Another miss..Overall, I was relieved that Gow was happy and stayed with her friends till late but the feeling of dissatisfaction is hunting me…I could do so much better for my girl!