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H&M Studio & Monki A/W 2014 collections preview

Last week, I went to see H&M Studio and Monki autumn/winter 2014 previews. I’m always excited to see winter collections because the toned down palettes that are usually involved are so in my zone. Plus, I really adore the coziness of snugly sweaters, the comfort of boots and coats. I am an autumn person who was born and raised in the North so beautiful warm things in dark colors usually always hit home with me. ^-^

For H&M, the inspiration behind the upcoming season lies in the modern bohemian theme. It offers lots of effortless silhouettes and details with playful spirit like patchwork leather, lace and shortened hems. A lingerie-like slip dress is making its comeback along with mens blazers and tuxedos, shortened palazzo pants and faux fur cropped coats.

Main colors for this season will be navy, grey, khaki, beige and off white.

You can find a lot of outfits ready for the perfect night out like sequined dresses, 70s inspired jumpsuits and cropped tops from the 80s.

Most of the items will hit the store on September 4th.










This bomber jacket is one of the key items in this collection. Its inner suspenders can be used to secure the jacket on the shoulders without using sleeves.


I used to have Casadei boots in patchwork like that. They would be so fashionable this season if not for the square toe. ^-^ Can’t imagine square toe to be in again any time soon. ^-^





H&M conscious label will release its first denim collection called “Go green, wear blue” made from sustainable materials. The energy that was used in the manufacturing process was also successfully reduced.  I was told that making denim requires a lot of water. H&M has been able to cut down the amount to up to 80%.




Mens collection is really cool. Lots of cozy sweaters and tops, graphical shirts and leather shoes. The long version of bomber jacket is amazing.




Press room had an amazing treat in store for us. I really enjoyed honey lemonade with salty chocolate waffles. As always, H&M catering exceeds all expectations and we are really encouraged to try everything. You know how when you go to some show room, there is always a tray of cookies that nobody seems to touch. Shall I take one? I’m not offered one. I think I better pass.. Well, H&M girls will always make sure you had your waffle. A hungry but shy me was really thankful for that. ^-^


H&M is releasing its sports line as well this season. It will be available only in selected stores for now. Girls items are amazing and the timing is perfect for me. I started to go to yoga class during my lunch break at work. The gym is right across from my office and it conveniently has yoga classes from 12PM several days a week. I’m looking to update my sporty wardrobe to boost my motivation and stay consistent in my efforts. ^-^



Monki showroom was incredible as well. Lots of surprises in the new collection. It tells two stories – one of a free-spirited, create-your-own-rules kind of girl who is never boring. She seeks inspirations in every day life and is courageous to try new things and face new challenges with a fun and daring attitude. You can find a lot of rich, eclectic prints in the perfect marriage with sporty, street-style silhouettes.













The second story is of a young urban working girl who is just as playful but finds her inspirations within the frames dictated by her social status, career and environment. She has to follow certain rules but employs creative ways to stay unique and true to her own aesthetic. The silhouettes in this part of the collection are a bit more sophisticated and tailored. You can see a lot of toned down colors, contemporary clean lines and lux textures.






I am in love with this set. I just want to be this girl from the picture. She is so inspiring. Can’t wait, can’t wait!

Thank you H&M and Monki PR Japan for letting me be among the first ones to see your wonderful collections. ^-^


Swedes know it best!

Recently, a lot of people have been visiting my blog in search of “H&M 2014 kids collection” photos so I asked my friend Saki if I could come to the showroom and look at it. The new collection was amazing! There were a lot of elements that are so on trend right now like chambray and denim textures, prints and eyelet lace and the price is unbelievable.

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