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MONKI SS2015 collection

It was my first time to visit PR1 office in Harajuku where Monki show room moved last Spring. My perspective of the brand really changes with each collection. When I first got acquainted with it two years ago, I thought it was in the ranks of Forever 21 and Bershka – young, cheap, street fast fashion but with each collection that I see, I am proven wrong time and time again. Yes, it is very affordable but it is also perfectly designed with clear concepts and great execution and a lot of pieces are very wearable even if you are a few check-boxes apart from the 18 to 25. The new SS2015 collection is absolutely amazing carrying a lot of sophisticated styles that are so me. Black, crisp white, silver and pastels are the colors represented in Monki’s fresh and very successful attempt at mixing sporty silhouettes with unusual materials like perforated plastic. I am completely mad about the perforated black skirt and bag. They will be on sale from the end of February and I will be the first one to snatch them because I got myself on the alert list, yahooo!!



How cool is this denim dress? I really appreciate the subtle distress detailing on the hem. Oversized shift dresses have found permanent place in my closet because they actually make me look thin.






The collection carries a lot of cropped tops – something I used to wear a lot when I was 16. Now, it is of course out of the picture (says my muffin top) but I still adore the style and envy the girls who can pull it off even at 30.  Cropped top and a maxi or midi skirt is my dream combination that will never go out of style. ^-^





Thank you Tabasa for showing me around and for being so nice despite the fact that I destroyed your show room (I was particularly awkward and clumsy that day pushing, dropping and knocking things off).

H&M Studio SS2015 collection

Last week, I went to the preview of H&M Studio SS2015 collection that was inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of Miami and Palm Springs with a very strong 70s vibe. Draped pajama silhouettes, sporty knits and sweats, prints with flamingos and palm leaves, sun hats, light denim and lots and lots of silk. The juxtaposition between 70s style and modern fabrics like mesh and neoprene was brilliant. The choice of color palette is unexpected as well. For a summer collection, colors like wine red, navy and dark green can be heavy but when interpreted with light, fresh silhouettes, they read very smart and sophisticated. There were of course more summer-appropriate colors as well like pastel blue and pink and of course orange – the main color of the next season.

Flamingos see-through pants and silk orange jacket are a bit overwhelming for someone like me but the geeky training pants and elbow sleeve vintage t-shirts were very up my alley. However, what attracted me the most was the silk orange midi skirt with the side pockets. I wanted to snatch it off the hanger and run away with it. It is so light, so airy, so summer, so me. I hope I won’t miss it when it goes on sale at the beginning of March. ^-^











Men’s collection was inspired by Space – lots of silver and black neoprene in various forms, leather tops, sweatshirt bottoms and dark green knits.





As always, H&M show room provided the best drinks and finger foods. I love the company they are hiring for the events. The food is always super tasty and the organic herb tea fusions they blend right on the spot are indescribable. On a cold winter day, a sip of lemongrass, blood orange and strawberry Rooibos tea sends you back to the warm summer evening on the beach at sunset time. What can be better than that? It is perfect for creating the ideal mood to preview the collection with.




The preview of Egoist SS2015 collection

Last week, my friend Sophie invited me to the press day of EGOIST – the fashion brand she designs for. EGOIST is a Japanese brand with Korean roots (and a Russian designer!!) and for a long time it’s been associated with GAL fashion. However, over a few recent years, the label has been rebranded as MOD or NEO MOD or NEO GAL – whatever you prefer calling this new trendy sophisticated style.

The SS2015 collection is called Modern vintage. It has everything the next season is going to be all about: cropped tops, oversized knit cardigans, floral patterns, nautical stripes and of course orange and blue color palette.

I usually pass 109 department store by (the mecca of GAL style) because for me it is always associated with cheap fast fashion night club attire but recently I am starting to change my mind thanks to the brands like Moussy and Egoist. There is a lot to see there and the quality is great too. The fit sometimes can be a problem because I am not your average size 0 Japanese girl. The sleeves and pants are sometimes on the shorter side so it is always smart to try things on before buying them. But the quality is great especially for the price, much better than what you can find at European rival shops like Zara, Bershka and Forever 21.

Last month, I went to the Egoist shop for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised by super comfy leather jackets, flattering fedora hats and cozy knits.

These two jackets from the new collection are already in my wish list. ^-^



The accessories were great too. Beautiful bags, shoes and jewelry. I especially liked this cornflower blue bag.










I like this stripe dress that Sophie designed for the new collection. These stripes look really great with floral prints.


And this dark blue dress with white stars that Sophie made looks super stylish with oversized white knit cardigan. I love this style for Spring.




This is my darling Sophie wearing her designs. She is not only beautiful but also super talented. I am a big fan!


The new collection will arrive to the shops part by part starting from January. My Jackets will go on sale around Spring. Can’t wait!

KBF RTW SS2015 runway show

KBF RTW SS2015 runway show was the opposite of Alice Auaa extravaganza – it was super simple, super clean, presenting ready to wear separates with minimal design. I like this kind of clothes because it doesn’t overwhelm me. I can express my point of view by styling simple layers in my own unique way. With complex, costume like garments, the artist makes all the decisions for you, you are merely transmitting his point of view as your own. ^-^

KBF is a brand that is supported by one of the biggest retail groups – Urban research. It has an affordable price tag and wide availability across country and online. There are three designers working for the label – Mika Horagushi, Kana Sakurai and Yae Matsuoka. They implemented a lot of popular trends into this collection including back-in-style wide-leg pants, cropped tops, midi skirts and paper-bag-waists. Everything looked chic and effortless.

The final walk had an element of surprise. Instead of showing the major pieces of the collection, the designers chose to dress all models in the same outfit. I was so excited to see such a witty finale and with Okamoto Tao walking that night, the show was everything I have hoped it to be.  The brand may be oriented on the mass market but it is pretty serious about its commitment to quality and design.























After the show I ran into Lucia and Ksenia – Tokyo multitalented darlings who are not only beautiful but also very smart.


Thank you Lily from for giving me the opportunity to see this fabulous how.


Alice Auaa SS2015 runway show

Alice Auaa is a brand created by a Japanese designer Yasutaka Funakoshi. Since 2012, its runways shows have become quite a sensation – it was what people talked about and anticipated the most. Alice Auaa clothes is always dark and scandalous, oriented on sex and fantasy and more often than not borderline costumey.  It does have a very narrow range of customers but there are some big names among them (Lady Gaga) and they do tend to stick around. ^-^

This SS2015 collection was as dramatic as ever. The runway was so dark, it was hard to see let alone take good pictures of models. The background music was very creepy. At some point I imagined myself observing a cult ceremony and wanted to get out of there. There was very little I liked about the clothes or the atmosphere of the runway but I do have the utmost respect to such passionate devotion to this bizarre niche of fashion.  I never mind people expressing themselves through shocking appearances. They show their point of view and I get to be entertained. It’s a win-win every time. ^-^

The show was 30 minutes late so by the time I got out of there I was emotionally and physically drained but attending KBF runway after that gave me a much-needed boost of energy and inspiration. Read about KBF runway show in my next post. ^-^

IMG_5494 IMG_5501 IMG_5513 IMG_5527 IMG_5533 IMG_5541 IMG_5548 IMG_5552 IMG_5560 IMG_5568

Zin Kato RTW SS2015

Zin Kato is an LA brand created by a Japanese designer Toru Kato.  He presented his new SS 2015 collection that featured a lot of delicate materials with some of the looks resembling more lingerie than RTW separates. Frilly, lacy KAWAII looks is really not my cup of tea but this type of style really hits home with Japanese female population. The showstopper dresses were beautiful but overall I find this collection to be a bit “old lady”. The audience was filled with madame who cheered each look with awws and clapping. ^-^




















Before the show, I ran into Eri who was finishing a photoshoot nearby. We both got our hair done at Miracurl stand by Fabio – famous Italian hair dresser from Sinden. The Miracurl curler is amazing. It curls the hair by itself and the whole head takes only 10 minutes. ^-^ The most important thing for me is that after using it, my hair didn’t smell bad. My home curler is great at doing its job but it also burns my hair.. I only curl my hair when going out to an event or a party so these sort of outings are always associated for me with this smell of burnt hair.. I am so happy that it is in the past now. I will definitely use this curler instead from now on. ^-^ By the way, this is not a sponsored post or anything. I simply share my opinion. ^-^

Stay tuned for more coverage of Tokyo Fashion Week SS2015.


Atsushi Nakashima SS2015 runway show

Atsushi Nakashima SS 2015 RTW show was fantastic. I loved the jewel tone colors a lot and the show stopping flowy dresses at the end really hit home with me. The ombre dye of the silk was so beautiful. The rest of the collection was sporty though, with a lot of loose-fitting items and chunky accessories. The theme for the collection was “broken diamonds” that reflected in kaleidoscopic prints and gorgeous translucent bracelets and necklaces that resembled shattered diamonds.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the whole collection so I urge you to check it out at the Tokyo Fashion Week website.

IMG_5117 IMG_5124 IMG_5135 IMG_5138

At the end of the show I ran into vibrant bloggers. Their gorgeous outfits stood out from the crowd of mostly business folks who attended the show. It’s funny how the more dressed up a blogger appears at the runway show the more likely they are there to take an Instagram selfie than to actually cover the event. ^-^



A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT was my first runway show of SS2015 Fashion week. Yu Amatsu, the designer showed two collections this season: one for Hanae Mori and one for his own label A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT that he launched after working in New York as a pattern maker for Marc Jacobs!! I have a newly found respect for a pattern making trade. Watching season after season of Project runway, I never realized that it is nothing short of pure mathematics. The designers on the show made their pattern in mere hours while in reality it takes a lot of work. For the first time ever, I decided to make something myself – a Halloween costume for my son. Making your own pattern involves a lot of calculations. I found myself drowning in numbers for days before I could come up with something more or less resembling a pattern. Seriously, the job of a pattern maker should not be underestimated. They are pure geniuses.

A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT showed RTW casual mens and womenswear mainly in muted grey and silver tones. The theme of the collection was a temperature of -37.89F ° at which liquid mercury solidifies. The shimmering silver of mercury can be seen in the fabric choices (satin, silk) and the movement of shapes.

Sweatshirt fleece is THE fabric of this season on many runways and you can see a lot of sweatshirt looks in here as well. The collection didn’t have the wow factor one would expect from a runway show but as a customer I was hooked in an instant. Every piece was not only wearable but matched my aesthetic: subtle, understated chic.

These looks were my favorite and I would love to buy some of them right away.


Unfortunately, my own photos are far from being perfect. I was sitting on the second row and couldn’t take any decent shots. So the above photos were taken from Tokyo Fashion Week official website.

And here are my own shots.









After the runway, I ran into Ena Kitamura from magazine. She gave me tips on how to improve my runway shots. If only I met her earlier. ^-^ Stay tuned for more coverage of Tokyo fashion week SS 2015.