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Let it snow and then don’t please!


Just yesterday, my friend Elizabeth and I were discussing how mild this winter is. It wasn’t snowing last winter and this one looked pretty similar. All it takes really for the snow to start falling is to mention how it doesn’t snow at all and voila! Here we have our typical Tokyo snow – you enjoy it for 5 minutes out of your window upon waking up in the morning and then you deal with the apocalyptic consequences for the rest of the day. The trains stop, the highways are jammed and you work alone in the lonely office (or pretend to since no one is here). I brought my son to his day care in the morning and everyone met me with the sympathetic “大変でしたね!” greetings. Guys! Its just a few centimetres of snow and you absolutely lose it! And it happens every time it rains heavily or snows. Tokyo is a big high-tech city yet it behaves like a cranky toddler – throws a tantrum in the middle of the busiest rush hour. ^-^ Hello, Monday!

1 year anniversary party at Diptyque store in Aoyama

Today, Diptyque store in Aoyama is celebrating its 1st anniversary. I went to their party to check new products and choose gifts for my family. The place was tiny so the party looked more like soiree with lit candles and cushy sofas. The shop presented their newest holiday collection of three fragrance candles in beautiful limited edition holders created by Qubo Glass – an inspirational duo from France. I loved all three fragrances but the blue – “winter” was my favorite.




The manager of the store kept pouring champagne into our glasses. He must have followed the “Russians drink a lot” sort of idea. ^-^ I certainly didn’t mind. ^-^ I ran into a friend at the party and meet a couple of interesting new people – all in all a successful event.





I am a big fan of Diptyque. Their candles are the etalon of a perfect gift for me – perfect to give and absolutely perfect to receive. A Diptyque candle brings holiday into the house. The coziness of a twinkling light warms up my heart while the slowly pouring scent calms me down from within. It creates memories of comfort, safety and gratitude. I sure am grateful for the happy moments that the smell of the candle helps me recall. Diptyque is most certainly an indulgence but the one that you never regret because it is worth every penny. ^-^






Unparalleled Ginza

A few days ago, I went to Ginza to fix my glasses. Having half an hour to kill while waiting for them I decided to walk from Shinbashi to Yurakucho on Chuo street – the main street of Ginza. For the first time I looked at it through the eyes of a casual observer rather than a busy shopper. Being always on the mission to hunt down a particular shopping obsession of mine I had never paid attention to the beauty of its architecture or to the contrast between modern and traditional that Ginza is so famous for.


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Christmas at the beach

Me at the beach

My fiance took me to the beach on Christmas because he knows how much I love winter sea. It’s so bright and blue and empty – a perfect place to spend Christmas away from crowds and commercial fantasies.

Jumping at the beach

We sat on the beach, climbed at the top of observation deck and had hot and steamy rice cakes. It was so windy and sunny and peaceful. I can sit on the sand and look into horizon for many hours.


Later on we went to the park to have picnic on the grass and then to the shopping mall to try different types of new Italian gelato.

Retro flashback in Ebisu

On Sunday afternoon my friend Hiro took another great pictures of me in Ebisu Garden Place. I really like the colors and the atmosphere of the pictures.


He can really find a moment!! I decided to go with the retro look I often saw in my grandma’s photo album (French beret, lowcut highheeled boots, wool skirt with very defined waist line and oversized long scarf). I could do more with the hair but then again drinking with Gow the night before shooting didnt help very much to the preparations…^-^