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Randevouz with Yoko Yonezawa

This year, there was another soiree with fashion illustrator Yoko Yonezawa at Comptoir des Cotonniers Juugaoka flagship store. I am a big fan of her works so I went to check out what she did for the brand and also catch up with my friends.

Yoko talked about her time spent in Paris and shared her tips on how to dress as a French woman. She made a big accent on being natural not just in fashion but in beauty as well. Japanese women tend to overdo it in the beauty department with their gel nails and fake eyelashes. Women don’t need to look like dolls to be beautiful. Highlight your features but don’t go overboard buying various products and spending hours in salons. After all, men rarely appreciate all that effort. ^-^ Attracting them by wearing a mask will prove to be an ill strategy in the long run..or even the morning after. ^-^

The brand also stands behind this philosophy offering versatile pieces that are high quality, comfy and can be used for any occasion. I am in the midst of spring cleaning my closet, getting rid of a lot of stuff I no longer fancy and I have noticed that most of the pieces that stay are from Comptoir des Cotonniers because I can mix and match them together in tons of different outfits. Most of what went straight into the garbage bag was stuff that I bought on sales (it wasn’t so cheap after all) and things that I bought for that “special occasion” that never came. And also I got fat so XS no longer fits me..

Here are some of the Yoko’s works as well as photos from the event.

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Yoko Yonezawa workshop at Comptoir des Cotonniers flagship store in Jyuugaoka

Yesterday, my friend Eri invited me to a new event at Comptoir des Cotonniers flagships store in Jyuugaoka. It was a workshop of a famous Japanese fashion illustrator Yoko Yonezawa where she talked about Parisian fashion and shared tips on choosing key wardrobe pieces.





Yoko was saying that in a busy day of a modern woman, there is no time to switch between outfits so it is important to have smart pieces that can take her from day to night effortlessly. She was talking about clothes with a bling to it saying that if only approx. 20% of the outfit has a shiny sparkle to it, it can look appropriate during the day but also add a little extra at night. I do agree with that but I also think the secret lies in the materials and colors as well. A dress doesn’t have to shine to be considered a good candidate for the night. If the material is luxurious such as silk or cashmere or the color is elegant, the dress can do well on any occasion.





Mixing and matching pieces can also be a great way to transition an outfit from day to night and CdC has plenty to offer. It is the brand of separates that offers hundreds of smart combinations tailored for the purpose of making the life of a modern woman easier and more chic. ^-^

Yoko Yonezawa’s work can be seen everywhere in Japan. She recently did a collaboration with Shiseido and published a new book. You can check her website here. She told me that she does all her drawings by hand and then transfers them into Photoshop for coloring and processing. I envy her because she has confidence in her hand work. Whenever I hold a pen, I can never guarantee the result. It can be great, it can be disastrous or worse – I can ruin something great at the very end by adding too much. With hand drawing, you need to know what you are doing because you have only one chance to make it right.



Eri looked so radiant that day wearing the most exquisite CdC black cocktail dress with open back – another great piece that can work well at the office during the day (with a jacket on) and at PR event at night. I can’t wait for summer sales to start. Now, that Comptoir des Cotonniers has launched its online store in Japan, the temptation to go on a major shopping spree is like never before.



Catering was great as always, serving French muscat sparkling wine and gluten free, vegan desserts.





I was so happy to see some of my friends again and make new ones. Adrian was drawing (of course!). He told me that creative people are never bored because they always entertain themselves wherever they are. If you have a pen and a piece of paper, you can jump into the world of your own creation while physically being stuck at the airport for 6 hours. It is so true. When I was little, I would spend my school vacations drawing, writing poems, looking for pretty pictures in magazines and creating stories behind them. I was never bored nor required any attention from my parents or friends.



I finally got to see Olia’s doggie Fin. I think we hit it off right away. ^-^


Thank you Eri for inviting me to a yet another interesting event that not only inspired me but also gave me an opportunity to shop at my favorite store. ^-^